the ordinary.

October 14, 2008

I had the best laugh today.

Sitting in my roommates bathroom while she gets ready -

my roommate: “She has a really weird body…she should be Big Bird for Halloween.”

You know when you have those moment when you forget everything else in the world and just laugh. It’s the most pure form of happiness and you just enjoy the moment. It wasn’t even that funny, but I think because life is so busy, and so stressful that we forget that it’s okay to forget everything and just laugh and enjoy what life is.

At the end of the day we’re not going to remember the stressful midterms we had, the boy drama or the petty fights. But walking across the stage at graduation, the thoughts running through our minds will be those spent at home with your roommates enjoying each other’s company. Because sometimes its in the hidden, ordinary moments of the day that we treasure the most.

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