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October 14, 2008

have you tried the new hot chocolate at Starbucks yet? well today I was in there for the third time today and the 17th time this week, and my usual (god bless him) barista was there to greet me. Normally I rattle off my, “grande skinny vanilla latte” hand him my card and I’m on my way, but today I was feel a little daring.

So, I stood at the counter, being that annoying customer who nevvverr knows what they want. I was craving something sweet, was super hyper and didn’t really need caffeine and that's when it hit me. It’s (kind of) cold out and I want a hot chocolate.

After making this hard decision, I asked his opinion. Little did I know there are THREE kinds of hot chocolate. yeah. I was a wimp and picked the “signature hot chocolate.”

It was amazing. Go to Starbucks right now and order one. I’ll rock your world.

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