Happy Thanksgiving - All the many things.

November 27, 2008

thanksgiving - the day designed to thank those who mean the most to you, but i think it means more than that. i think it means recognizing the things in life that make you who you are and fully acknowledging that.
i am thankful for my amazing family, that despite my shortcomings, never cease to encourage me and cheer me on. i am thankful for my rad brother and his incredible girlfriend, who accept who i am, and never try to change that. i am thankful for the fact that, even after 4 years of college, i am still as close with my best friends (yeah fab 5) as i was in high school. i am thankful that i met Carly and Callie, my two best friends at pepperdine, that never let me fall. i am thankful for kappa, and all the beautiful girls I have met and been inspired by. i am thankful for cold, rainy days in Arizona. i am thankful for the fact that my hometown is paradise valley. i am thankful for all the boys that have come into my life, because they have shown me that no one is better than my dad and my brother. i am thankful for drives down pacific coast highway, because all it takes is one glance at the ocean to realize how blessed i am. i am thankful for Christmas cups at Starbucks and the warm goodness they hold. i am thankful for pepperdine, and despite it’s shortcomings, it has allowed me to reach a potential i never thought possible. i am thankful for my sister, who has allowed me to realize that it’s all about whats in your heart and not necessarily what’s visible from the outside. i am thankful for the fact that my parents still love each other, and have been an example to my siblings and i. i am thankful for my entire extended family, even though we don’t see each other often, they are always there. i am thankful for lazy days in Malibu, and the chance to have a girls night. i am thankful for Christmas, and the hope it brings. i am thankful for my grandmother, Grace, and even though we never met, she has inspired me. i am thankful for the chance i have been given to do something amazing. i am thankful for the multiple opportunities i have been given. i am thankful for those in my life, who, through the years are still there, cheering me on, loving me as much as i love them.
i am blessed, in more ways than my imagination could imagine and no blog will ever express the gratitude i feel for those in my life.

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