For those who are blind.

November 5, 2008

so a good friend of mine and I were in class (cultural anthropology - blah) and he shared with me his blog.

I feel really blessed when people share something personal like this with me because it gives me a chance to see something that they might not share with everyone.

he’s inspires me to be better - so here’s an excerpt from his blog, to help inspire you.

This is for the broken hearted. This is for the fighters, who don’t know how to say yes to a no. This is for those who are tired of filling their tanks with standard when premium is really what you need. This is for those who admire admiration but love salvation. This is for the kid who i didn’t pick to be on my kickball team but if i saw him today, i’d buy him a Snickers. This is for my friends mom who I forgot to say thank you for all those banana popsicles on hot afternoons after school. This is for my mom who knew the best felt the worst and knows the better will feel even better. This is for those who are tired of pointing fingers and are interested in working up some calluses. This is for those who aren’t afraid to claim what they love. This is for those who can see with their heart, and feel with their mind. This is also for those who are blind, cause spit and mud sometimes works.

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