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November 1, 2008

Learning to let go.

Sometimes I have to realize that letting go of things in my life isn’t always a bad thing. In the past 8 months, it’s taken me everything I have, to accept the fact that I have to let things, people and ideas go.

Some wars are never over, some end in an uneasy truce, some wars result in complete and total victory - some wars end with a peace offering. And some wars end in hope. But all these wars are nothing compared to the most frigetning war of all, the one you have yet to fight.

Sometimes I find myself so caught up in whats going on that I can’t pull myself away to look at it from the outside. I get so caught up in trying to fix things that I don’t realize that all I have to “fix” is myself.

Last year I had a really good friend, or at least I thought I did. Her and I were closer than close, and it took a really big situation to realize that I needed to let her go. Some people just aren’t right for you. They drag you down, they make you cynical, they create a sense a doubt within yourself. Some things are just not right. Some times we have to be okay with letting go of things, that at the time, seem great, but in the end, can be our downfall.

The question is- are we strong enough to acknowledge those things? Are we strong enough to let go?

I think it comes down to change. To letting go of the comfortable. Sometimes I’m afraid of letting go, because I’ve invested to much time and interest in that person or thing that it seems like a waste to let it all go.

It’s really hard to come to that conclusion, that things and people we like may not be the best for us. This year has been a trial year. It’s been a test. Can I really let go of those things?

Skeletons and ghosts are hidin’ in the shadow. Threatening me with all the things that they know.

Choices and mistakes, they all know my name. I’m through holdin’ in and holdin’ on to all that pain.

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