The anti-drug.

January 22, 2009

Everyone has their drug. For some people it’s literally a drug, for others its a relationship, or the aspiration for straight A’s or maybe even alcohol. Regardless, everyone has something that holds them back. For some people it’s completely recognizable, but for others its become so much apart of their lives that the thought of letting go is scarier than being addicted. I think it’s hard to figure out your ‘drug’ because sometimes that thing that holds you back feels like that only thing that’s keeping you going. And once people accept their drug, then the hard part comes. Figuring out the way to get over it.

What’s your anti-drug? While those commercials are super tacky in their over-abundant ways to promote a “drug-free America” what lies at the root of the question is true. For me, my ‘anti-drug’ is this blog. Granted my ‘drug’ isn’t an actual drug, but I think it’s worrying, and stress and the emotions of it all, and for me this blog has allowed me to vent my frustrations and let go of that. For others their anti-drug could be a roommate who cares enough to sit and listen. What is it? Have you found it? Are we even really looking?

too many thoughts - too many blogs.

Malibu went from being 85 degrees one day to the next completely rainy and cold. I’m literally sitting at the table watching the rain outside my window and it is so refreshing. It’s like God’s telling us that all things can be washed clean. Just like the rain pours down on the city and cleans the streets, so can we. We can chose daily to wash our lives free of all the mess and drama of our lives, or we can live in the muck and clutter that so often engulfs us. I think a lot of times, it’s easier to just wade through the mud because it’s easier than figuring a way to clean it up. But it’s up to us. Are we going to chose to renew ourselves or continue to struggle through, because at the end of the day, all it is is mud.

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