The countdown.

January 22, 2009

100 days left till my college graduation. Can you believe it? 100 days left and I’m just now reevaluating my life goals. For pretty much my entire college career I’ve wanted to do something that involved journalism, broadcast - some form of media, but recently I’ve had this pull to do something different. Law school. From one side I have people saying, amazing, do it, you’ll be great, and then from the other, i have people questioning my abilities, doubting me, “I’m not good enough talk” and regardless of what people think, doesn’t it matter what my own heart says? The only thing that scares me, is that I’m 21 years old, shouldn’t I have this all figured out by now? But on the other hand I’m only 21 years old, and back to my previous blog, who says I have to have my life figured out now?

So here I am, reevaluating everything I’ve ever studied to possibly start new? I just with I knew how strong this part of me was. What if I make the wrong decision? What if i mess up? What if I fail. In the grand scheme of things, I have my entire life ahead of me, and if I fail I have time to pick up the pieces. I‘m just hoping that I’m strong enough to pick up those pieces. I’m just hoping I pick the right move and that I impress myself and make everyone else, proud. So, here's to jumping on the Kristen bandwagon. Let’s see what happens.

Here starts the countdown & here starts the most 100 important days of my life.

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