Just not enough.

March 15, 2009

Clarity is the best feeling. I’ve realized that just because you care for someone doesn’t mean you need to be with them. I’ve realized that just because someone loves you doean’t mean you have to love them back. It’s okay to listen to your heart and not to what everyone else is saying.

I’ve realized that sometimes you’re just a little too late.

I can tell how much you hate this deep down inside. You know it’s killing me I can call, wish you well and try to change this. But nothing i can say would change anything. Where were my senses? I left them all behind. Why did I turn away?

I wish I could save you. I wish I could say to you I’m not going nowhere. I wish I could say to you it’s gonna be alright.

Reaching out, reach for me empty handed. You don’t know if I care you’re trying to find the proof. There were times I’d wonder could I have eased your pain. Why did I turn away?

We can pretend nothings changed and pretends its all the same.

You didn’t come back fast enough. You didn’t feel bad enough. You didn’t prove yourself enough. You were the thing I hoped for and you didn’t meet my expectations. I waited for you to say those things for five months. I dreamt of those words. We wanted it. We have the memories. We have the smiles, we have the heart. That isn’t enough. That can’t be enough. It’s just a little too late - a little too wrong. It was too much chance and not enough heart. But I love you. And for now, that’s all I have to give to you, but I have to run.

Remember all the things we wanted. Now all our memories, they’re haunted. We were always meant to say goodbye. Even without fists held high, it never would have worked out right, we were never meant for do or die. I didn’t want us to burn out and I didn’t come here to hurt you now, but I can’t stop.

I want you to know that it doesn't matter where we take this road. Someone’s gotta go and I want you to know you couldn’t have loved me better. But I want you to move on - so I’m already gone.

Looking at you makes its harder, but I know that you’ll find another. That doesn’t always make you wanna cry. It started with a perfect kiss then we could feel the poison set in. Perfect couldn’t keep this love alive.

You know that i love you so I love you enough to let you go. I have to let go.

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