Too many goodbyes.

May 3, 2009

I said way to many goodbyes this weekend.

Friday morning my wonderful family along with my dedicated bests, Coti and Whitney drove in to Malibu, one last time to help me celebrate my college graduation. We laughed, drank, ate way too much food and celebrated. We celebrated accomplishments and successes. We laughed about our memories. We shared our stories and our adventures. We took pictures to remember the successes and the memories. We cheers-ed and we congratulated. It was a weekend of goodbyes for me. I said goodbye to friends, professors, relationships, Pepperdine and my roommates. I cried a lot this weekend - more than I thought I would. But I think allowing ourselves to cry is how we heal, how we get through, how we move on.

I think I'd miss you even if we never met, actually I know I would. My heart searched for you and when it found you it overflowed. You were everything I didn't know I needed. I just wish your heart needed mine like I need you.

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