Perez Hilton has a soul.

June 20, 2009

In the midst of everything going on in the world it's hard to remember that there really is hope and sanity and love and a peace of mind. I rarely go on anymore because to me it's a negative site dedicated to the exploitation of everything bad in this world (although I do love my gossip rags). But today in complete boredom, I ventured to his site and was pleasantly surprised. This story gave me chills and to say that it was due to, in part, Perez is quite rare. Enjoy and remember that despite what Fox News and CNN is reporting.... there is hope for this world after all. Way to go Pixar, thanks for being the little bit of hope I needed today.

The folks at Pixar helped a dying girl fulfill her final wish when one of their employees hand delivered a DVD of the film Up to the family's residence for a private screening.

10-year-old Colby Curtin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in December 2005, and ever since she saw a preview for Up, she'd been excited for the poignant film about a man who goes on an adventure after the loss of his wife by tying balloons to his house and flying away.

After the family had made a request that was never fulfilled for a wheelchair to take Colby to the theaters, a family friend began frantically calling Pixar as Colby's health dramatically worsened. Finally the friend got through the automated messaging system by guessing a name. Pixar immediately sent out an employee to the girl's home in Huntington Beach armed with a DVD of the film and a gift basket of toys. The family sat around to a private screening. Colby had difficulty keeping her eyes open through the film because of the pain she was in, so her mother narrated it to her.

Colby died 7 hours later and we hope her final moments were that much more comfortable for having her final wish granted!

Rest in peace, little angel.

always praying, always caring, always there.

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