July 18, 2009

"We fail, we all have and it stops now. The bars have been raised."

Thank you Grey's Anatomy. Some times it seems like failure is inevitable. Regardless of what I do, say, feel, study, attempt- it doesn't make a difference, failure is in my future. The last 2 weeks have been the biggest test of my abilities. The biggest battle of heart, head & physical capabilities. Most of the time I think I'm staying afloat- appeasing the senses while still getting my shit done. But then there are those times when I fail- there are times when I feel like I'm drowning in everyones expectations of who I am. I fail myself. I fail those closest to me. I let down everyone who's counting on me. But this is my time. This is probably the only six weeks where I'm allowed to be selfish and worry about myself. This is my future. The LSAT is my future and its a big deal. So either jump on my bandwagon or don't. I'm going to do this and I'm not going to fail.

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