father-daughter day.

August 23, 2009

I love days with my dad. I love days that I can just hang out with him and do fun stuff. Between him working during the day, then me going out (or to bed, thanks henry) I don't get to spend hours upon hours with him like I do my mom. But, today we woke up early and went to church together. One of the better sermons I've heard in a while and it was really cool to share that with him. After that we hiked Squaw Peak, took a picture at the top and just enjoyed the beauty of the city. From there we ventured to the Borders on Cactus and Tatum to pick up a book, only to be stared at by all the clean, non-smelling people and then headed home. Then my dad made me an amazing bowl of his famous oatmeal as we sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed the time together. I think my dad is one of the most brilliant men on this planet, and it's really awesome to get to bask in that for a whole day - even if it is just a couple hours. Today, I was reminded again how blessed I am to have such an awesome dad. It's easy to go with the daily flow and not remember to thank your dad. He's the dad, he's always gonna be there, but it's days like these that bring it all back and make you realize how freaking cool dads are. So, thanks for a good day dad :) love you.

At the top of Squaw Peak.

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