14-7: My secret garden.

August 29, 2009

Last night I had the best time with Whit & Afton. It was what I've needed, a change from the ordinary 'let's go out in old town' night. It was a girls night out with beer, sunflower seeds and cute boys. About half way in, Afton said, "I'm really glad I'm still here." And those simple words kind of changed the whole night. I always talk about missing Malibu and everything that Malibu represents but I'm starting to come into my own here. I'm finding new things, new hobbies, new experiences that keep pulling me closer to everything Arizona. And, I'm really glad I'm here. Here's to more baseball, basketball and football games. Here's to new experiences with my best friends. Here's to different restaurants, and different bars. Here's to everything new that Arizona has to offer and that I have to discover. The grass isn't always greener, sometimes you just have to find the secret garden on your own side of the fence.

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