finding the balance.

August 29, 2009

Recently I've started doing hot yoga. Yes, hot yoga - yoga in a room that is between 95 and 100 degrees at all times. It's hard and it's challenging, but at the end of the 75 minutes, my mind is clear and it seems like everything was forgotten in that time. It's designed for self-acceptance and self-awareness and it focuses on the importance of breath, plus it's a freaking hard workout. It's amazing how it makes everything better even if just for an hour and a half. It talks a lot about the balance in your life. In yoga, it's the balance between the breath and your body. But for me, it's the balance between heart and head.
I've said that before and I'll say it again, I struggle with the balance between the two, but I think I'm figuring it out. I'm think I'm starting to realize that while that balance may be necessary in certain aspects of my life, it's not always necessary when it comes to love. Because sometimes it's the messy chaos of it all that makes it interesting. So, while I'll continue to find the balance in my yoga life, I'm starting to realize that the offset is kind of refreshing in regards to my pseudo-love life.

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