before it all begins.

July 8, 2010

Summertime is my most favorite time of the year. It's full of BBQ's, birthdays, outdoor concerts, numerous days spent lounging at the pool, trips to california, tahoe, michigan, lots of books to read, movies to watch and things to blog. Summer always brings life and laughter back to everyone, it's the perfect season. And even though Arizona's blazing temperatures might seem unbearable, it's those steamy nights that make Arizona summers perfect. This summer has been different though... don't get me wrong, there have been birthdays, concerts, pool parties and everything in between, but this summer comes with the looming thought that everything is changing once it's over. Last night I had my very last night of work, at a place that has been my security blanket for the last 9 months. I said goodbye to my regulars, managers, friends, cooks, everyone who's made coming to work enjoyable. It was a bittersweet goodbye marked with Corona light toasts and lots of reminiscing. It's hard enjoying summer when everything is marked with 'the last time before you go...' It's coming, I'm moving, it's inevitable. I'm so excited to, but it's easy to get bogged down in the idea that I'm missing out, or that I will be missing out. It's hard when plans are being made that you know you wont be around for. It's hard missing birthdays, parties, events, things with your loved ones. But I'm doing this for me, Oreganos will always be there, those people will always be in my heart, and they'll always be here when I come back. This just means that I have 37 days left, enjoying the best summer I can. It means even more pool parties, concerts, birthday celebrations, nights out, nights in and constant celebrations. I'm not looking back, only forward, I'm ready to enjoy this last summer, who's with me? 
One of my favorites, Paige, from work. 


  1. Aw I love this, you're going to do awesome in Nebraska!!

  2. awww that is the cutest thing ever kristen :) you're going to have a blast in nebraska and we're all going to miss you so much!!


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