Day 13: Restarting the challenge.

July 27, 2010

Day 13: Describe a moment that never fails to make you laugh
I've been failing when it comes to keeping up with this blog challenge. But I'm creating a new challenge for myself. I leave in 20 days for my law school adventures, so I'm making it my goal to finish this blog challenge before I leave. 20 days...17 blog prompts... I think I can do it. 

Back to the moment that never fails to make me laugh.... this is gonna be a throwback. It was the summer of 2003 and it was Coti's 16th Birthday party. We went to the Pointe Hilton at South Mountain with me, Coti, her mom, Summer, Alex and Ben. We got picked up in a big white (1980's) limo, which was awesome, and drove to the resort. We spent two days lounging in the lazy river, swimming in the adult pool (because at 16, we were totally old), drinking virgin margaritas, taking over 200 pictures and enjoying the summer. The first night we went to Rustlers Roost where we got these AMAZING hats (embarrassing is probably a better word). 
From the minute we walked in, we couldn't stop laughing. If you couldn't guess from the name of the place, it was somewhat of a cowboy, rustic joint. Well, it reeked of sawdust and babies. I'm pretty sure this is the restaurant all the families go to just because you get hats, lots of coloring projects and at the end of the meal you get a dessert bigger than an infants head. It's quite the celebration place. Here comes the part I'm referring too. Once we were done with dinner, waiting for the colossal dessert I had to run to the restroom. After twenty minutes being gone I finally returned. Everyone at the table at thought I died, or something of the sort, but I told them I couldn't determine the difference between the 'Bulls (men)' or the 'Heifers (women)'. But I pronounced it 'heefers.' Well apparently that's not correct and the fact that I had to wait 20 minutes just to see what gender came out of one of the doors was quite amusing to the rest of the gang. After 15 minutes waiting for them to catch their breath, they told the waiter, everyone who walked by and even made me take a picture by the door. 
To this day... 7 years later, every time I go to the bathroom when Summer and Coti are present, they make sure I know that I am a 'heefer', not a bull. I wish voice-notes were available via blog, because its the way it was said that makes the story. But regardless, this story always brings back memories of laughing till your stomach hurts, spending time with best friends, summertime and birthdays which are my favorite holidays. 

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