home sweet home?

July 2, 2010

Omaha, Nebraska. Home sweet home? 

Wanna know what I've realized? Life is messy, life doesn't always go the way we've planned in it in our heads. Sometimes the life plan we've made for our lives isn't the 'right' plan. Sometimes God says, 'Stop, I'm in control, let me handle this.' That's what I'm realizing right about now. Wanna know what my plan was? My plan was to move to Malibu, go to school, meet a boy, get married, start a life, start a career, move to Arizona, or stay in California, start a family, done, done and done. Wanna know what God's plan for my life has turned in to? I moved to malibu, I went to school, I met a boy, I lost the boy, I moved home, I got into law school (hooray!) I'm now moving to Nebraska. I'm lost, uncomfortable, seeking security, I'm trying to make a new home, find new friends, locate new hangout spots, relocate while finding new everything. I'm trying to hold on to everything I have in Arizona, while subconsciously letting go in efforts of grasping on to what Nebraska holds. Life is messy. Life doesn't follow a prescheduled plan. But that's the exciting part. Life moves with us as we move with it. It's like the Malibu waves, it changes, it pulses, it stops... it flows, it's choppy, it's life. I've decided as long as I try my best to ride the waves, I'm going to be just fine. As long as I hold tight to what I know, family, friends, my God, I'm going to be okay. Stay focused, stay honest, stay me, I'm going to be okay. God's never going to give me something so impossible that I can't figure it out. So, here I am, 23, with no plan except to try my hardest. I'm going to succeed, I'm going to have a plan, I know I can do it, but that doesn't mean things aren't going to get messy in the process. But, I'm ready, a little mess is fun sometimes.  I'm going to stop waiting for life to take me with it. So, ready....set....go. I'm jumping in to my life, even if I get a little messy, feel free to join me. 

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