I'm (not) a dreamer.

July 2, 2010

Day 10 - Elaborate on a dream you had this past week, described in detail. 

I'm not a dreamer, I never have been. I've always been jealous of those people who have these vivid dreams, or people like David who can interpret those kind of dreams. I'm lucky if I dream once a month. But, I did have a recent dream, that I'm not sure if it was subconscious or not, was about law school, Nebraska, and all my fears regarding the subject, I don't think I need David to figure this one out. 

It was last week and it all started on the back patio of my parents house. We were having this huge cookout, hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon-seed spitting contests, cold beer, water fights, basically your average Englert pool party. Everyone I love was there....mom, dad, Tommy, Erin, Cami, Coti, Whit, Lauren, all my college friends, Car, Cal, Bree, Kate, a ton of my sorority sisters, the boys from EX, all my new friends in AZ, Cami's sisters, all my family, it was a HUGE party, the backyard was full, full of laughter, flashes from the cameras, musics blasting, it was a party for the record books. Just as we were about to cut the 'going away cake' I had to leave for Nebraska. I had to catch a flight, I had to leave the fun, the excitement, all the people I love and move away from it all and no one was allowed to go with me. I just remember crying and moving to Nebraska. I started school and law school was hard... but I did it. The three years was a flash and all of a sudden I was back at the same party I left three years earlier, my heart was full again with laughter, more pictures, everyone I love and it was as nothing had ever changed. And then I woke up, in a cold sweat, but with a reassuring feeling. I'm scared of leaving, I'm scared of the change, but I know that the relationships I have here are forever, I know they're going to last. So, I know that I can go away for a couple years, do my thing and come back, be back, and it'll be as if I never left. I have confidence in that. So, for not being a dreamer, I know this one was for a reason. It was one of the best dreams I've ever had. 

"You may say that I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one." 

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