It's all a mystery to me.

August 26, 2010

It's a beautiful day today in Omaha. It's 75 degrees and sunny with a beautiful, cool breeze, almost like Malibu and I swear if you close your eyes tight enough, you can hear the ocean just across the street. And then, you open your eyes and realize that instead of PCH, it's Dodge Street. Instead of the Pacific Ocean, it's the Missouri River. Instead of Pepperdine, it's Creighton. Instead of walking the halls with my friends, roommates, sorority sisters, boyfriends and teachers that were like family, I have strangers, strangers and more strangers. This whole place is such a mystery to me. I know it's only been 10 days, but I feel like a fish out of water, and I just cant shake the feeling that sooner or later I'm going to drown. Everything is moving around me and I feel like I'm standing still, not able to move. Maybe if I had a blog 5 years ago when I started college, I'd be feeling the same sentiment, and I know it's going to get easier. I know I'll start swimming eventually, but I think as the week is winding down and school is starting to settle, I'm just starting to realize that this is my reality right now. This is my home, Omaha is my home. It always takes me a while for my homesickness to set in, and here it is. [I'm more homesick than ever]. I'm just counting down the hours till my mom gets here. Maybe then I'll start swimming, maybe then I'll be able to move.

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