Omaha, Nebraska.

August 18, 2010

4 days ago, Coti and I started our (half) cross country adventure to Omaha. It started Sunday morning and ended last night in Omaha. We went from Phoenix to Albuquerque to Denver and finally to Omaha. We got to experience all that New Mexico has to offer, which honestly isn't that much. I got to see the house I was born in, in Littleton, Colorado and catch up with an old Pepperdine friend. Then, I got to show Coti around my new home, school and life. And, today, I said bye to Coti, officially making this little place my new home. I didn't think this would be that big of a change, considering I've done this before, but it's the biggest change I've ever known. I'm in a town where I know no-one, driving around cluelessly trying to find my way. I've never felt so out of place ever, but I know in time, it'll be my home. But in the mean time (or until I start school on Monday) I'm going to post pictures of things I love, watch TV and start mentally preparing for this great big adventure. 

So, here are some from our trip:
Road-trip buddies. 
Even Henry enjoyed the ride.

My house in Colorado! 
My street! 
Home Sweet Home?

Walking into my apartment. 

I've never missed Arizona more.

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