Our Wedding Day!

June 9, 2015

Today is such a fun post for me to write. One month ago today, I got married!! I know I've said many times that "this post" is my favorite or "this one" is, but seriously, this post is my most favorite, not just to write, but to share and to re-live and re-read again and again.

Warning: This is a LONG post with lots of details and pictures, but I promise it's a good one. May 9, 2015, I got to marry the love of my life. But before we get there... let's back up.

Wedding week started Tuesday, May 6, 2015. I flew into Scottsdale and the week started with a bang. Mani/pedis with mom, errands, hair appointments, dress fittings and lots of champagne and celebrating. This whole experience was so wonderful because I got to plan so much of it with my mom. She's the one who did all the leg work with me, running around town like chickens with our heads cut off. It was so fun getting to do all these last minute details with her. Adam flew Wednesday night and we toasted with celebratory drinks with my parents. This was the last time it would just be the four of us!

Thursday is when wedding week got into full swing. Bridesmaids and groomsman were flying in from all over the county; Nebraska, California, New Orleans, Boston and from all over Phoenix. Thursday night we spray tanned together, drank champs together and prepared for the weekend. Friday morning was the rehearsal at our venue, bridesmaids brunch and the rehearsal dinner. Our rehearsal dinner was thrown my Adams parent's and it was absolutely stunning. It was such a great time to sit down with our close friends and family and prepare for the wedding day. Adam and I are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family. They toasted us, roasted us and celebrated with us. It was such a wonderful night, one I won't soon forget. That night ended with me heading home with my parents and Adam heading home with his. We said goodbye, knowing the next time we saw each other would be right before the wedding!
Rehearsal Dinner

my sweet and gorgeous mama

May 9, 2015. The morning started bright and early with all the bridesmaids coming to my parents house for hair, makeup, lunch, champs and sooo many pictures. That morning was one I wish I could do over and over. I was so calm, I felt so relaxed. I had such a peace going into our wedding day. I knew that I was walking into my future with the man of my dreams and nothing about that scared me or made me nervous. I was excited, happy and ready for the day to begin! The whole morning went so fast and all of a sudden my mom was helping me into my dress and I was off to the venue for our first look. Here is where the ultimate debate began - to have a first look or not. We decided on a first look because ultimately we wanted to have more time to spend at our cocktail hour and with our guests. I'm honestly really glad we did, it gave us a moment to really see each other before and our photographers did the best job giving us a super private moment.
our first look, I'll never forget seeing Adam

After our first look, I did a first look with my dad which was really special. He hadn't been there when I was getting ready and hadn't seen my dress yet. It was another great moment to have some time with my dad.
my handsome and generous dad

After that it was picture after picture with our wedding party. Adam and I had a huge wedding party, 13 on each side. Yes, I know, that's a lot, but we're both so lucky to have great friends and great family to stand beside us. We took a ton of wonderful pictures that I can't stop looking at. To our wedding party; thank you for being there for us on this day. Having you all there was so important to us we are so grateful for all of you. After wedding party and family photos, it was time to take our places, the wedding was about to start!
I mean, how beautiful are my bridesmaids. 
the best wedding party ever.  
 my beautiful family
 my beautiful new family

The wedding was such a blur, it went so fast. First, I'm walking down the aisle with my dad and before I knew it, they announced us husband and wife and we were back down the aisle! Our Pastor was my Pastor from the time I was three years old. He was there when I was baptized, he confirmed me and now he married Adam and I. He did a really special job of tailoring our wedding ceremony to us, it was perfect.
our first kiss, we're Mr. and Mrs! 

After the ceremony was over, we took some more photos, signed our marriage license and were off to cocktail hour and reception. Cocktail hour was so fun. I loved getting to spend time with our guests, chatting, catching up and enjoying the day.
Me, Adam, Coti and Ryan cheersing to being official; the marriage license is signed! 

The ceremony was so wonderful. Again, Adam and I are so lucky to have our friends and family. I had two Maids of Honor and their toasts brought both Adam and I to tears. They touched on our friendship, my relationship with Adam and the special memories that made this day so wonderful. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends who know me, know Adam and know us. They've been with "us" since our first date, and to have them there on our wedding day was more special to me than they will ever know. Adam's brother Ryan, was his best man, and gave a wonderful toast dedicated to the love we have and the love we've created and worked hard for. He touched on making our relationship work through law school and being an inspiration. It was so wonderful. Our first dance was sang by Adam's best friend J.P. He sang "Fools Rush In," and it was incredible. I've watched our video about 80 times and I cry every time. It was such a special moment.
our first dance

The reception flew by. All of a sudden it was over and we were being zipped away in a limo. Adam and I are so thankful for the friends and family that came to our wedding. Each and every one of our guests made our day perfect and they have helped create the relationship we have today. It is a day I will never forget. Here's to the next 100 years with my forever man.

Here's to dancing into our future together. 
Look how handsome my groom is! 

P.S. our photographer is Stephanie Fay, go check her out! 


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