RHOC: They declared a ceasefire...again.

June 17, 2015

I have a feeling this season is not going to disappoint. From marriage counseling, to Lizzie returning (why??) to Vicki and Tamra calling a ceasefire for like the 15th time. One of the funniest things is that the housewives write blogs after the episode is aired. They're hilarious - these are some of my favorite parts from Monday nights episode/blogs.

Shannon: "The tombstone exercise was surreal for me. We were asked to compose a eulogy that we hoped our spouse would say at our own funeral." This is unreal. I support Shannon's attempt to make her marriage work, but writing your own eulogy. I can't.

Heather: "They produce some of the best wines in California! Knowing my love of all things bubbles, we have often talked about partnering up to create a sparkling wine together. Well, we finally did it! We called it COLLETTE." Guys, Heather is my spirit child, she created a sparkling wine. Life Goals. 

Meghan: "However, I was a bit shocked to learn that Brooks is in the midst of his chemo and is going to Mexico. Some kind of physical strength he must have to be able to do that. Maybe it's from all his holistic juicing and vitamin "cancer cures". Remember when I said last week that I wasn't going to talk about Brooks... I'm still not going to, I'm just going to let Meghan do the talking. 

Meghan: "I find out later that they were joking but I think it's disgusting to talk 'potty mouth' over a meal. Now I know Tamra and I look back at my face and see such an innocent and shocked person, but I know now Tamra is simply full of 'potty mouth'" Looks like we have a mini-Heather on our hands. 

Vicki: "It was great finally getting to sit down and quietly talk to Tamra in my grotto – alone and without anyone else there to influence us." When I fight with a friend, I got to my grotto too. Cue, the 15th ceasefire in 10 seasons of RHOC. This is the most tumultuous relationship I've ever seen.

Lizzie: "I am a friend this season and I will be blogging about the episodes that I'm in." Thank heavens. Hopefully not all of them.

I cannot lie, Tamra bored me which is why I have no quotes from her, maybe next week. Until next time!

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