Guest Post: Chloe + Isabel

September 18, 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Remember how I told you I know some incredible people? Well, today's post is no different. My friend Ashley is sharing an amazing opportunity with all of you and a chance to get some gorgeous pieces of jewelry! I hope you all take advantage of this and enjoy reading about Ashley! Without further ado! 

Good Morning Everyday Grace readers!! I hope you all are having a wonderful morning so far! My name is Ashley and I blog over at Girl Talk, where you can find posts about fashion, planning my upcoming wedding, recipes, a few DIYs and some fitness type posts. Today I am taking over Kristen's little space of the web, to tell you all about Chloe + Isabel and the Mystery Hostess party I have going on right now!

First, Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry line that was formed from the concept we call
"The Friendship Philosophy", 2 best friends coming together by the passion for style and self-expression.

I just recently became a merchandiser for C+I and as I am still in my first month as a merchandiser I am still learning. But, I just couldn't wait to share this line with you all! I was the type of person to always wear the same daily jewels, now I am wearing different jewels everyday and they are all from C+I. C+I took a typical boring jewelry wearer and turned me into a little more fun and spontaneous with my jewelry. 

Now here is where the fun comes in! I am hosting a Mystery Hostess party where all you have to do is make a purchase using the link here or below and you will be entered into the drawing of winning the hostess incentives!

What are the hostess incentives you might ask? Well for every $200 of sales that comes from this pop up, the winner will receive $50 in jewelry credit. As the sales increase the prizes get bigger! You could earn jewelry credits, a pair of branch earrings, a look into our exclusive hostess only collection and the most exciting prize is you could win some new jewels from the new Fall line!!

Happy shopping! The grand prize winner will be announced over at Girl Talk on Monday September 28th! There will also be a second place winner, where the winner will receive $25 off a $75 coupon to use on their next purchase!


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  1. I have a friend who sells C+I as well. They have SO many cute items!! Gorgeous stuff. :)

  2. These are beautiful. I love all the turquoise, that's my favorite color! I hadn't heard of C+I before, but I will have to go and check them out now. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I loved the last bracelete!! These pieces are so beautiful!!


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