Today is a huge day + a giveaway!

September 14, 2015

Today is a huge day for me. Today marks 6 weeks since knee surgery. It's crazy to think that I tore my ACL in February and I'm just now 6 weeks post surgery. This whole "knee" process has sucked, let's be real... but it has left room for some hilarity.

see #6

Yes, my knee brace is huge and very obvious, but you would be shocked at some of the comments I get. Mind you, 99.9% of these are from people I have never met before.  Are you ready for this? 
  1. Wow, you must suck at skiing if that was the end result. 
  2. You are way to young to have knee surgery. 
  3. Can you drive? 
  4. Oh, you had surgery on your ACL and meniscus? I've had surgery on both knees three times and they've repaired by ACL, MCL, PCL, both meniscus and they gave me a new brain implant. 
  5. Did you do that on purpose? 
  6. That would never happen to me because I was such a good skier at your age that I got asked to ski in the Olympics but I said no. 
  7. How do you function?
  8. Your husband must be embarrassed to be seen with you. (Yes, someone actually said that)
  9. Can you do anything? 
  10. How do you sleep/ 
  11. Are you ever gonna ski again? You better not ski again, that would be so stupid. 
  12. You must not be very athletic. 
  13. I hope you don't do anything and tear it again. 

So yeah, I've gotten the slew of comments, but ya know what, today I am 6 weeks out and that is worth celebrating! Today marks the light at the end of the tunnel. 6 weeks post surgery, one month until bar results, one month and one week until the Taylor Swift concert, one month and two weeks until Michigan and then it's basically the holidays. 

So to celebrate me, I'm going to celebrate you, all my readers. How about a giveaway? One thing that I love to splurge on for celebrations is Starbucks. I mean, it's fall, pumpkin spice lattes are here, who doesn't love starbucks. Enter below for your chance to win a $35 Starbucks gift card! 

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  1. OMG! People say the worst things! I've never understood why people think it's okay to say some things?! Also - my favorite Starbucks drink is an iced caramel macchiato! It's just the perfect drink for the summer.

  2. geez.. crazy questions... I hope you heal soon... I have not been to a Starbucks lately but I have always loved their green matcha latte... yummers!

  3. Where do most of these lovely encounters take place?

  4. People say the dumbest things...let the comments roll right off you!

  5. Glad to see that your recovery is going well. Don't mind what other people say - most people don't have a filter between their brain and their mouth, or just don't know how to make small talk :)

  6. Those comments are absolutely ridiculous...why do people think they can just say whatever they want?!? Congrats on hitting 6-weeks and sending you well wishes that your recovery continues to go well!

  7. Wow, I can't believe how insensitive some people can be. I hope you heal soon!

  8. I'm so sorry people have said those things to you! Some peoples manners.... wow...

  9. Entered - fingers crossed! x

  10. Happy to hear that you are recovering well. I am sure there were times when the 6 week mark seemed a lifetime away. Sending good thoughts your way!

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  12. those comments are surprising, I hope a couple were meant in jest - but still!!! My fav drink at Starbucks is hot cocoa with 2% milk!

  13. While I do not have one particular favorite drink at Starbucks, I do enjoy the Chestnut Praline Latte when it is available during the holidays

  14. What I order at Starbucks often depends on the weather, but a cup of freshly-brewed Pike's Peak blend is one of my go-to coffee drink selections as the weather gets colder

  15. I am obsessed with Cold Brew lately... I don't need to say nothing about PSL, right?!! I love that "Taylor Swift" is one of the reason to celebrate... So funny!!

  16. Congrats on a successful 6 months post-surgery, and you look great. Cheers to a speedy recovery!

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  18. Glad you're recovering well. I can't believe the comments you've gotten. I especially dislike when people try to "outdo" you. Oh your sick, I had the H1N1 while battling a double ear infection lol. I just don't get it.

    Favorite drink is very berry hibiscus tea with lemonade instead of water. So so good.


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