Happy December + a throwback!

December 10, 2015

Happy December everyone! Can you believe it is December 10th already? This is how I know I'm not the best blogger because my Happy December post is being posted on the 10th and I still have yet to share a gift guide with all of you. Let's be real, while I LOVE looking at gift guides, I can't create one. Maybe it's not that I can't, I just don't want too. Anyways, it's the middle of December, we are 15 days away from Christmas and I've over here still trying to figure out how to slow time down. 

I had all these huge plans for "the holidays." Bake cookies all the time, watch every Lifetime and Hallmark Christmas movie, watch Elf at least 15 times, drink Baileys on ice. Where is the time going!? 

I still haven't mailed my Christmas cards yet. 

Anyways, it's December so therefore this post is technically a throwback. I had the best Thanksgiving and I want to share it with all of you. Adam and I ventured to Arizona for Thanksgiving and had the best time eating dinner outside, taking too many photos and enjoying time with our family and friends. 

I wish holidays lasted for so much longer than they actually do. 
 <3 family 
my little nephew
my hubby. 

I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving ever!


  1. I totally agree, this month is flying by so fast, I don't think I can cram everything in sadly! xoxo Alexis @ www.chemistrycachet.com

  2. I've bought the Christmas cards, but haven't opened them to sign! I love Elf, it's the best! But I haven't watched it yet this year. I am beginning to think an extra week or three in December would be helpful!!

  3. I swear that Christmas totally snuck up on everyone this year! I still have yet to mail my cards out as well, but I figure the holiday season lasts through at least the first half of January, right? :)

    Kelsey | www.abalancingpeach.com

  4. Ok, you are totally fine if you haven't mailed your Christmas cards yet, it's only the 10th, so you are safe as long as they arrive before the 25th. Also, I feel like EVERYONE makes those Christmas gift guides that nobody reads anyway, so you are ok for not preparing one!... Cheers!

  5. The time leading up to Christmas always flies. I think I have lots of time to do everything but still always end up rushing around at the last minute.

  6. Ooooh I like this idea of a monthly throwback, and I had a lovely Thanksgiving...I ate too much (standard) and it looks like you enjoyed yours! I just stumbled upon your blog! Love it, keep up the great work! xx, adaatude.com

  7. I wish the month was longer as well. It is a month filled with joy and family.

  8. 1. You are seriously adorable.
    2. I love that you're just now doing your Happy December post. I CANNOT believe how fast the holidays are going. It seriously breaks my heart!
    3. I love how much you love your family.

  9. You have a beautiful family! I couldn't agree more! I thought for sure I would be watching Christmas movies, and baking and Christmas Christmas Christmasing.....but it's all just slipping by!


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