Inside Look: what's in my bag.

December 7, 2015

One of my guilty pleasures is reading rag magazines, Us Weekly, People, I love them all. Us Weekly does a feature every week about celebrities and all the fabulous things they have in their bag. I know it's weird, but I absolutely love it!

In the spirit of getting to know the blogger behind the blog, I thought I would show you whats in my bag!

First, my Madewell Transport Tote. When it comes to work bags, I've tried them all. Louis Vuitton, Target, Gap, if it comes in black, I've probably tried it as a work bag. Nothing compares to this Madewell tote. It's lightweight, big enough, has a shoulder strap and lots of inside pockets. It's the best.

bag: madewell // planner: sugar paper la // makeup bag: tory burch
lipcrayon: Nars

The non-glamourus side of this picture includes receipts at the bottom of my bag, dry cleaning tags, more bobby pins than I can count, starbucks straw wrappers and lots of pens.

The fancier side?

I am never, never without my planner. Yes, my paper planner. I don't even have things in my iPhone calendar, it's just how I function.

My little Tory Burch bag is full of lady-products, lip gloss, some powder for those super greasy days, a Tide Bleach pen, extra hair ties, bobby pins and all things considered lady necessities.

My wallet is the size of a clutch and it's just the way I like it. Full of 1 credit card... and tons of discount cards. I am such a sucker for grocery store cards that make gas cheaper, gas cards that make car washes cheaper and anything that gives me 10% off once I've spent $100. I have actual pictures of my nieces and nephews, my best friends, my dog and my husband in my wallet, plus I still use my law school ID card.

I always carry a book because I always find myself waiting in weird places. Doctors offices, court... the car wash. A good book is a necessity. And yes, I consider Elin Hilderbrand love stores good. Headphones and your iPhone are also important. You never know when you're gonna have to pretend you're listening to music to avoid a rando.

Lip crayon, chapstick, lipstick and a nail file round out the lady necessities. This Nars lipstick is the BEST ever. You never know what level of fancy you're gonna be and what type of lip product you may need.

A Larabar when I'm hungry and don't have time to go to McDonalds, I mean... let's be real, I love McDonalds and Larabars are the only thing keeping my cravings at bay.

Oh, and mints, because no-one likes bad breath and (random fact) I hate gum.

What's in your bag?


  1. I love seeing what everyone else is carrying around in their hand bags, us gals carry around so much stuff.

  2. What a great post idea! <3 Love it!

  3. I'm guilty of buying US Weekly for that feature! I love it! What's in a woman's bag says a lot about her.

  4. So fun! I also love looking at the what's in the bag features (and watching them on youtube as well). And I also have the Madewell transport tote and it will be my favorite bag forever!

  5. I love these kinds of posts! Also, I love the new blog header - it's all kinds of adorable :) I didn't know the Transport tote had a pocket version. So tempting ;)

  6. I LOVE Madewell! I will have to check out that tote! I have to keep chapstick in my bag as well.

  7. This was a fun post to read! Good idea and love that tote.

  8. Love this series! It is such a great idea to let your readers in on what goes on in your creative process and day to day life. It makes reading your posts a more personal experience and feels like you are catching up with a friend. Good job! I also am attached to my paper planner and my (soon) my blogging binder. Life savers.

  9. I think my favorite part is that someone else still loves a paper planner... Yay! My husband says it's redundant, but it makes me so much more organized!

  10. I have very similar items in my bag. :) LOVE that Madewell tote!

  11. Love these types of posts! I always always always have chapstick too!

  12. I always have a book in my bag as well!

  13. What's in your bag is pretty similiar to what's in mine! xx,


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