2015 5 Most Fascinating People; #5-1

December 28, 2015

So you've seen who I consider to be the most fascinating people #10-6. Do you agree or disagree?

Well, here we go - are you ready for numbers 5-1? Let's do this.

#5: Yolanda Foster: 
First, YOYO has the most beautiful daughters ever. Second, YOYO used to live in the most beautiful house in the world. Third, YOYO is a RHOBH and she's getting divorced. Fourth, YOYO is my favorite housewife of all time - or maybe she's tied with Heather Dubrow. Fifth, does YOYO have lyme disease? If you watch RHOBH or even if you don't, you know this is the topic of debate this season. She's been sharing her journey with this disease for the past three years via the show and her Instagram. She's had the crowns in her teeth removed, she's been in a cryogenic chamber, she takes thousands of meds a day and she's still struggling. I'm not discounting Lyme disease in any way, but in the words of Lisa Vanderpump, "I'm just questioning it." I'm questioning YOYO and I'm sure the result will be fascinating.

#4: Matt Bellassai:
If you haven't heard of or watched Matt Bellassai's videos yet, you are missing out. He is the face behind Whine About It, a (Buzzfeed) weekly video series where he gets drunk at his desk and complains about stuff. I for one cannot imagine how awesome this job must be. But Matt can and he is basically the most hilarious person ever. He says everything you're thinking but he's funnier. One of my favorite is "Questions about people who go skiing and he tells people that skiing is basically freezing lunges. Go watch him now.

#3: Trump:
Trump. Donald Trump. The Donald. Make America Great Again. I think it's safe to say Trump is a big personality with even bigger statements. While I'm all for "making america great again" I'm not exactly sure he's the way that's going to happen. I don't think that there is any debate that Trump is keeping this whole Running for President thing pretty dang interesting. Either way, good, bad, ugly or orange, he is definitely fascinating.

#2: Amy Schumer:
#girlboss. #hilarious #futurebff. Amy Schumer is killing it right now. She has a hilarious movie out, Trainwreck, her own HBO stand-up and she's best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. The best part about Amy is that she's confident. And on top of that, she's independent, funny, smart, witty, beautiful and all around someone probably everyone wants to know. Oh and don't forget when she was on the red carpet and pretended to faint in from of Kim K and Kanye.  Can you imagine what dinner with her would be like? Fascinating, I can guarantee it.

#1: Adele:
Um, hello. Adele is the most fascinating person of 2015, are you surprised. She has literally broken every record imaginable and only continues to kick major ass. She's gonna be the person that everyone is talking about in the years and years to come. Our kids will know her name. Not only is her voice the best ever, so is her eyeliner. If 2015 is any indication of what 2016 is going to be like for Adele, I can 100% guarantee it's only going to get more fascinating.

So, there it is! 

Who do you think is the most fascinating person of 2015? 

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  1. I love Adele! I completely agree that her voice is always on point and so is her eyeliner.

  2. I loved how you drafted the earlier list. And this is just fascinating! :)

  3. Oh goodness love your list, though I have never heard of Yoyo. Matt's video's are awesome! And you are so right on Amy!

  4. I like your choice for #1! I think, even above her beautiful voice, she's a good person with a down-to-earth personality. I wish I had Matt Bellassai's job.

  5. This is such a wonderful list! Amy Schumer is totally killing it right now. I hope I'm like her "when I grow up."

  6. Great list, I agree that these people are pretty fascinating. I love Amy and thing she deserves all she's getting at the moment. And Adele, I mean, she's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Fun list! A great idea. :)

  8. Amy Schummer, 100%!

  9. Yes I love this list... I think that wine guy is so freaking funny!!

  10. I didn't know half the people on your list, but I agree that the others are making headlines. Fun post idea.

  11. Wine about it is so hilarious!

  12. I agree with all of them except Trump. Well and the housewife, I really don't know anything about her, but she's pretty. But I LOVE Amy Schumer, Adele, and Matt Belassi. I swear he's my soul animal.

  13. You have my total agreement for Adele and Amy!


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