A Day in the Life of a Blogger.

December 30, 2015

Start a blog they said, it'll be fun they'll said, you'll make money they said. Little did I know, when I started my blog over 8 years ago all the struggles that would come with it. 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging. I love it so much I wish I could make it my full time job. But just because I love it doesn't mean its not hard, frustrating and discouraging at times. 

I think blogging is the only job (okay, maybe not the only job) but the only job I can think of right now that forces you to watch your Instagram followers like a hawk; down 1, up 4, down 10. Wait, how was I cool yesterday and today you find me boring enough to un-follow me? 

Sure, blogging seems glamorous, cue the Lauren Conrad's and Nectar Collective's of the group. While blogging over at Everyday Grace is fun and exciting, it's anything but glamorous [if only you could see my grey leggings that used to be black and my over-sized sweatshirt]. 

Wanna know what a day in the life of a blogger is really like?

Wanna know the daily struggles every blogger deals with? Well, lucky you, because I'm about to tell you all about it.

6:00 am: Oh my gosh, did I schedule my post? [runs downstairs, turns on computer, pours a cup of coffee and waits for the computer to warm up...come on come on my fans are waittting] Oh yeah, I did. Whew. Wait, there's a spelling error in the title! Shoot! [corrects post, re-posts the post and heads back upstairs to get ready for my real job]

6:12 am: What the hell am I going to blog about tomorrow? Everyone I know has these amazing kitchens to post themselves baking in and I'm over here in an apartment kitchen the size of regular peoples pantry's. Maybe I'll try to be cool and do a fashion post. [Adam can somehow read my thoughts and says no to taking my picture in my new outfit in the snow after work - - it'll be too dark to take pictures anyways] ...on to the next idea. 

6:30 am: Showered and getting ready, all while blasting Adele. [maybe I'll do my 5 favorite movies  -- everyone likes my arbitrary thoughts on nothing right?] okay sounds good. what are my favorite movies? do I do my favorite dramas? thrillers? funny? comedy? rom-com? Oh man, this list is going to take me days to work out, I have to figure something else out.

- - - zones out to Adele for a while - - -

7:30 am: Time to take Henry for a walk. Ooo maybe I could do a post on animals. Everyone loves dogs! 10 thoughts while walking my dog. 10 reasons dogs are the best. 8 reasons not to get a dog. [man it's cold, I wish he would hurry up - oh, he pooped]. Yeah, I'll do 10 reasons not to get a dog if you live in a winter climate. 

7:45 am: Post today's blog post on Facebook, and in all my blog-growing groups [this group is intimidating - these bloggers are SO good, like why are they one here, they're practically famous] oops, almost forgot Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ [ps, did you like all those social media plugs- go follow me, I'm desperate]. Okay, now I have to return comments, likes and re-pin some stuff. [man, these bloggers have it all together - they're posts professional - I'm gonna need another cup of coffee] I need to start taking notes, oh and get better backgrounds for my pictures.

8:30 am: Holy moly I am running so late for work, but wait my outfit is on point. [stands in dim hallway light and tries to take a selfie -  to show my face or not too...] Ew, that is ugly. but my followers on Instagram keep fluctuating, maybe they want a selfie picture? Whatever, I'll just post a Starbucks cup again. 

side-note: I don't understand how one day I have 1000 followers and the next day I have 994. where are you going?! And Twitter - is this like a game of hide and seek? What is happening here? 

9:00 am: I'm finally at work. Time to do work. [I still cant figure out what to post tomorrow, but that will have to wait I guess] 

12:00 pm: I'm halfway through the day which just means I'm halfway to having to write a post. I seriously have no idea what to write. Maybe I'll do a google-search of post ideas. whoa - apparently I'm not the only one who's having writers block. [124 blog posts for winter themed posts, 567 post ideas for crafty bloggers, 392 ideas for end of year blog posts.] Ooo this one looks good. #312 - end of year resolutions. I can do this. what do I want to change? lose weight? eat better? travel more?

12:10 pm: Eat my boring lunch (salad, per usual) and back to work. 

4:00 pm: One more hour and then doomsday is upon us. But seriously.

5:00 pm: The work day might be over, but the work is hardly over. It's time for Pure Barre. 

side-note: this whole full time worker + blogger + person who tries to work out + a husband + preparing dinner + making a clean house is exhausting and I don't even had kids. Sheesh. Anyways focus Kristen - back to Pure Barre.

5:30 pm: Pure Barre is hard. Too bad I already wrote a Pure Barre post. [but... it was when I had a smaller following, and I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I can do a ICYMI post and re-post it? hmm... I've gotta think about that]

side-note: Here's the Pure Barre post if you're interested [I hope they click this link, I hope people think I'm funny  - oh maybe its so funny, it will be on like Buzzfeed or something]

6:30 pm: Wow that was hard. I'm adding that to my new years resolution post - work out more so Pure Barre doesn't kill me every damn time. 

--- turns on Adele again---

7:10 pm: Showers are the best. I wish I could have wine in the shower. [I should do a post on my daily rituals. Everyone is always posting what stuff they use like shampoo and conditioner, maybe I should join in].

7:12 pm: Oh shoot, did I check passionfruit? Did I get any more ads today? I hope I did! [fingers crossed] I mean my littlest ad is only $3. [hint hint hint  - enter disappointment when I check passionfruit and there are no ads] ...maybe tomorrow. 

7:15 pm: Home, showered, dinner. Should I skip dinner and just try to write this post? Whats more important? My husbands hunger or the post. [we have leftovers, he'll be okay tonight - oh wait, I'll just print a recipe from my blog and he can make us that.]

7:20 pm: Reminder, I need to get better about writing all my posts on Sunday so I can make dinner for my husband during the week [but does that make me less authentic? I usually clean the house Sunday. hmm, decisions decisions]

7:30 pm and a glass of wine: My 12 new years resolutions. [12 is a good number right? 12 resolutions, 12 months. will my readers see the correlation? maybe I should just do 8, 12 is a bit ambitious]

7:50 pm: I am on a roll! 6 resolutions down. okay, now I have to find the perfect picture, write the perfect caption with the perfect font. Thank god for Helene's post on 8 great websites for pictures

9:00 pm: Okay, the post is ready to post. whew. I think this is a good one. What if people think this is stupid? Is it too late in the year to post resolutions? Too early? Ugh. I don't know, but I do know that I spent all day thinking about this post, it's going up! But what picture do I post on Instagram that relates to this post? [maybe I'll just take one of my legs in bed with a cup of coffee]

10:00 pm: Oh my this bed is comfy. [maybe I should write a post about beds? okay, Kristen, you're getting desperate. go to bed].

12:15 am: [maybe I should write a post about dreams - like what they mean. but what do they mean?] 

6:00 am: oh my gosh, did I remember to schedule my post? [runs downstairs to check...]

--- turns on Adele ---

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  1. Haha this is hilarious and soooo true! I just started blogging in late Oct., and there are days where I seriously ask myself "What did I get myself into?!" At the end of the day blogging is really fun, though, and I love meeting tons of awesome people around the world that I otherwise would have never met. You're doing a great job, Happy New Year! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is hiliarous and so true in so many ways!

    xx. Hilary

  3. OMG This is the best post I've read in a while haha my day is so similar to yours. At about 11:01am I will come up with a great idea (the bed example is perfect haha) and then by 11:02am I will be like "what on earth was I thinking? No one will want to read that!"


  4. OMG this is my mind!!!! Other than the Barre class... but I'm always like "how do these big bloggers do it? damn, that was a good idea. Shoot.. I was going to do a similar thing soon.. will they think I'm copying? how do I get better backgrounds? Argh! My selfie looks lame.." I'm in the same boat! Just smaller... since I have way less followers... PS- I'll sponsor you! :-)

  5. Such a cute and funny recap of your day!! You must love it to go through this everyday! You always seem to make it work!! Keep at it!! xoxo

  6. Haha! You nailed it with this post! I'm so glad i'm not the only one who struggles with scheduling and writing posts. Oh and you totally reminded me, I needed to listen to Adele right now!

  7. hahaha this post is fabulous! I am so like this!

  8. I so agree with the IG follower count. It is seriously weird how I can climb in followers, then plateau, then just lose a dramatic number.

  9. This is hysterical! I can relate on so many levels, especially since this was my life for the first half of the year. Now that I blog full time I struggle between "what should I be writing" and "ooo, what's on the food network?" lol

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  10. LOVED IT! You got it down to the T, well almost. I love how you run through all your thoughts, thoughts that many us bloggers also ponder about. How about those ruminating thoughts on IG followers, seriously, how can we fluctuate so much within hours. hahaha!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. This was a funny post!
    I could totally relate.
    I work full time too and blog 5 days a week and sometimes I am completely stumped on what to write.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  12. This was so funny to read - and I can relate oh so much!

  13. OMG I have a Day in the Life post scheduled for January and this one is awesome!! Love it. I've been blogging for 11 years now and it's always changing. Never easier, just different and more wonderful and crazier in different ways :) Gotta love it! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your day!

  14. LOVE this! I feel like blogging is always on the mind for bloggers! It's so much work but so fun! Happy new Year!

  15. Love!!! So true! I'm lucky if I make it to bed by midnight, and when I do it's usually because I rush to have to finish the post in the morning. Oh the crazy love. Happy New Year!

  16. OHHH MY GOSH!! Too funny and TOO TRUE!! I don't have a day job, but I totally get you on this!

  17. Did you enter my brain for a day? haha! I love this. It's so true. Also- Pure Barre is such a booty kicker. Every. single. time. Blah! But I love it so!

  18. I know I already told you this, but I was laughing through this whole thing. It is so ridiculously true.

    "7:30 am: Time to take Henry for a walk. Ooo maybe I could do a post on animals. Everyone loves dogs! 10 thoughts while walking my dog. 10 reasons dogs are the best. 8 reasons not to get a dog. [man it's cold, I wish he would hurry up - oh, he pooped]. Yeah, I'll do 10 reasons not to get a dog if you live in a winter climate."

    The things that run through a bloggers head lol

  19. You nailed this one! This actually is hilarious and pretty much describes my day sans working out b/c I just can't possibly squeeze that in. I started my blog in late October and almost every day I'm like wth did I sign up for. It takes SOO much work and like you I'm constantly worried about how many followers I have. I know the struggle all too well so I've followed all your social media accounts AND subscribed!

    Happy New Year,


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