A weekend recap: 18 hours in Arizona.

April 11, 2016

"I'm upset." Let's be honest, that's never the way you want a phone conversation to start. Coti was calling to tell me she was upset I wasn't coming into Arizona for an engagement party for mutual friends of ours.

Now, let me explain. We had planned on coming but in the busyness and expense of life, Adam and I decided we couldn't make it. I apologized to Coti and moved on. Next came the phone call from my mom, "I wish you were coming." Well, as much as I wanted to go to the party, I stood firm.

Then, last Monday, Whitney called, baby Blakely had arrived. 6 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long. The long awaited arrival and she was here.

Then it hit me, not only will I not see my family until July, nor see Blakley until June and miss the engagement party of two very close friends, I decided to venture to Southwest.com to see what they had to offer. $11.20 later, I was booked on a flight to Arizona for 18 hours.

Needless to say, it was a whirlwind.. and a wonderful whirlwind at that.

3:35 am: The morning had started.

4:30 am: I was en route to the airport.

7:00 am: One americano from Cartel coffee and Coti's fiance, Matt picked me up. I walked into Coti's house and her room and as she woke up she just stared at me. Breakfast and multiple cups of coffee later, we were in route to surprise my parents.

10:00 am: "What the hell are you doing here/?" was my moms response followed by big hugs and another cup of coffee.

11:30 am: Time to go meet baby Blakley. How wonderful to see your best friend becoming a mom. It was an hour spent taking pictures, cooing and enjoying time with the girls.

2:00 pm: Time to surprise dad. Back to the house we went. A couple hours spent enjoying the afternoon with my family. Tom, Camila and Tomás stopped by and we just enjoyed each other company. I'm so lucky for such a great family.

6:00 pm: Time to celebrate the engagement of two very good friends of mine and their love. What a wonderful celebration watching two families come together. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about their love. I cant wait to watch them get married. 4 glasses of wine later it was time to head to the airport.

9:00 pm and a flight delay. If flight delays when the airport is shutting down isn't the worst thing I'm not sure what is. I met some ladies who were there at a makeup convention selling towels that take your makeup off. I wish i was lying. A full convention devoted to makeup removal towels. I need a career change.

11:45 pm: Two more glasses of wine and I was almost on my way.

I made it home eventually after a whirlwind 18 hours. While I don't always recommend one day travels I always recommend spending more time with family and friends, that is something you'll never regret.

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  1. BEST SURPRISE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm no longer "UPSET" lol I love you best friend!!

  2. "What the hell are you doing here?" LOL I like your mom already!!! Sounds like such a fun weekend!

  3. I don't think I said "what the hell are you doing here"-something close....BUT we were so glad to have you here if only for a few hours!! I know you were exhausted but I want you to know it so nice to see you!! Feel free to stop in and surprise us any time!!! Soon I hope- :) love, mom

  4. It is interesting how people put boundaries around adventure and life experience that are false. Like why not go to Arizona for 18 hours!!! Good work!


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