Things I'm loving.

April 15, 2016

There are a few things I cannot get enough of lately. You might call them a bit of an obsession, but I call it good old infatuation.

  • Henry James. Today is his 7th birthday! Seven. Some people would say I'm too young to have a seven year old dog, but I just laugh and say thanks. He's my little gentleman and today he's taking a trip to Petsmart to pick out all the toys. Happy Birthday Henry!
  • The People v. OJ Simpson. Back before the Kardashes were anyone more than four little kids with a non-famous/non-practicing attorney father. Adam and I are only two episodes in, but we're pretty enthralled. I love it because I was only 6 when this happened. I vaguely remember sitting in my kitchen watching this white Blazer drive on busy freeways. So, as realistic or non-realistic as this is, I love it. 
  • Chicken and White wine. I asked Adam what I can't get enough of lately and this is his response. He said chicken because every meal I've made this week was chicken something and white wine because duh. I can't totally disagree, but I plan Pinterest. When I was meal planning Sunday everything I looked for that looked good was chicken. Sooooo sue me. 
  • Blogging. I've kind of been lacking on this, due entirely to lack of motivation. But in the last couple days I've had some random spurt of motivation and am pumped for some future posts. Get excited people. 
  • Home Projects. I want to spend all my time at either home, Home Depot or The Container Store. I have no many ideas for different places in our house, furniture ideas, ect. I want to start planting everything pretty in my backyard. I want to buy some new furniture. I'm so proud of this house of ours. 
  • Babies. Baby Caroline and Baby Blakely. Plus everyone else in my life that is having babies. I'm obsessed with being an aunt. Don't worry this isn't a baby announcement. I'm just obsessed with everyone elses kid. 
  • Not listening to my alarm. This is another Adam suggestion. Guys, I agree with this. I've had the hardest time getting out of bed this week. The alarm goes off and I completely ignore it. What is happening, I'm usually such a morning person. 
  • Snapchat. No shame, I love it. I watch it all the time. I watch it before bed, when I wake up, when I'm at work I love it. Follow me --- kgrace01. Whats your snap name?!
What are you guys obsessed with lately? 

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  1. I'm obsessed with a few of these as well, particularly chicken & wine, my cute little Pomeranian, and definitely snapchat! My name is jenk0225

  2. I've missed your posts. Glad to see you are back. HJ is ridiculous. He is sooooooo cute.

  3. Your dogs name is so cute and fancy! Yes, The People v.s OJ was so great. Ryan Murphy did a great job of making you care about the characters and the story even though we know how it ends.

  4. your dog is so cute! & chicken is the best because there is always so much variety when preparing it!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen