Adulting is hard work.

April 20, 2016

Sometimes being an adult sucks. Bills, not sleeping until noon, working, bills.

Sometimes being an adult rocks. Your own house, time, money, life.

For example: adulting is fun when you buy your first house. Adulting is fun when you get to pick the vacations you go on, how you decorate your house and what time you go to bed. And, if you're like me, you go to bed at 8pm, so being an adult didn't change much there.

But sometimes being an adult sucks. Gone are the careless days of your dad doing your taxes, being carpooled to the 6th grade, complete with a lunch packed by your mom or your mom handing you $20 whole dollars to spend at the movies on Friday.

It's amazing what I took for granted in the 7th grade when my mom was ironing my clothes and making me pb&js.

Do you remember coming home from school and feeling stressed because you didn't read a book that was due. Now, here I am dying to have time to go home and read a book. Or when your biggest problem was when your mom forgot to wash your favorite skirt for school and you couldn't convince her that even though you wore a school uniform, that one, was different and you had to have it.

The good things about being an adult:
  • Last night I drank wine because I wanted too. And it wasn't illegal. 
  • I went shopping this weekend and didn't have to ask my mom for money. 
  • I stayed up late and no-one told me to go to bed, expect my inner voice, but I shushed him. 
  • I'm married. 
  • I have a great job. 

The bad things:
  • Today I created a spreadsheet outlining our monthly bills. That is like the least fun thing I've ever had to do. It's hard balancing 10 different bills, 10 different due dates and 10 different log ins to pay them. Sure auto-bill pay is cool, but bills in general are not. Hence a spreadsheet.
  • Taking out the garbage. This stinks.... 
  • Grocery shopping. Sometimes this is fun. But I usually do this on Sundays after church when I'm starving and the rest of the Denver-metro area is trying to get the same tomato I'm trying to get. 
  • Shoveling snow. Guys, Denver got 12 inches of snow this weekend. While it makes staying in a watching movies perfect, it requires a lot of shoveling so your dog can go to the bathroom. 
  • Getting gas. Yuck. My dad used to do this for me. 
  • Paying bills. What is worse than having to send money to people you don't even know. See #1 above. 
  • Ironing your clothes. My mom used to iron all my clothes, even my underwear. Let that sink in. She used to iron my sheets! What was I thinking moving out? Now ironing is my job. Thank goodness for the invention of the steamer. 
  • Getting out of bed. Is this hard for everyone? I'm literally dead in the morning. I just cannot be bothered with getting ready for work some days. 
  • Doing the dishes. even though I have a new dishwasher (whoo hoo adulting!) I hate putting dishes in it. It's the pits. 

How to deal:  
  • I blog. There is no better release for me then talking to you guys. It revives me, inspires me and motivates me to be a better adult. Thanks for letting me ramble. 
  • I vent to my husband/Henry/friends/family. They might not enjoy my adulting release of energy, but I appreciate them more then they know. 
  • I pray. This is huge. 
  • I drink wine. This probably isn't the best coping method but guys, it works. 
  • I read other blogs. Seeing how other people cope is awesome. 
  • I go to Pure Barre. Working out, just getting out helps clear my mind and remind me how cool being an adult is. 
So I guess adulting isn't that bad. While I really miss mid-day naps, I really love all the other cool things.

Plus, I have a cool hookup for you that will help you be an adult. Trust me, dealing with credit and bills suck. I mean, I'm a bankruptcy attorney, I know these things. But there is a cool website called Credit Card Insider. It's an educational resource regarding credit and credit cards. Their mission is to help people make solid decisions about credit. 

I know when I first moved out I wasn’t thrilled about having all my bills due in the same week; I had no idea how paying them on time could affect my credit. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but its been totally worth it. 

While you go check out Credit Card Insider, I'll be over here drinking wine and watching Friends. Because I can, because I'm adult. 

Happy Wednesday people, good luck adulting today! Ps. How do you adult?

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  1. I LOVED this post; just what I needed today. (also love the Friends memes). Adulating sucks. I'm 24 and still getting the hang of it. Yes, dad used to do my taxes as well so I struggled with that one super bad!! And I will forever hate getting gas. UGH

  2. Love this post and totally diggin' on your Friends memes... I think all of those "adult" moments and responsibilities take me to a friend episode. It's been a busy day of getting things done while the kids are in school so I really enjoyed this post... thanks for the laugh and fun.

  3. Love this post! Adulting is not my favorite and sometimes I wish I could go back and relive my childhood.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. Adulting definitely isn't fun a lot of times (I miss those Friday movie nights where my parents gave me money too) but there are some pretty great things about it too! Love this post!


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