Apolis Market Bag

September 25, 2018

Happy Tuesday friends! Long time no talk! Needless to say, I've been basking in newborn snuggles, coos and bliss. Quinn is officially two weeks old today (how is that possible!) and I'm finally finding my groove. I'm currently working on Q's birth story and all about the 24+ hours of labor it took to get this little babe.

Anyways, thanks for hanging in while I put this blog on the back burner for a little while. I promise I'm working my way back to the blog and all the good stuff.

Today, I'm so pumped to share with you one of my new favorite products. I've been getting really good at using non-disposable bags at the grocery, saving plastic and paper and why not do that with a cute bag that has an incredible cause.

Apolis Market Bags are my newest obsession. Heres a little about the company:

To us, the Market Bag is a product that does well to represent what Apolis is all about. The whole project started when Apolis co-founder Raan Parton had the idea to make a waterproof grocery bag, and has become a line that has sold over 100,000 units. These sales have translated directly into jobs, healthcare and security for a group of mothers working at our factory in Bangladesh. It has been amazing to see how our two companies have grown in direct correlation with each other. When we are able, we speak with them over the phone and it is always a positive force in our lives to see the attitudes that our partners in Bangladesh carry with them every day. Through the Market Bag, along with our line of products from Bangladesh, we have been able to provide over four years of work to mothers in Bangladesh. The linear job creation arc of the Market Bag is something that we strive to have in all Apolis products. We are pleased that every person can now take part in this story in a way that is personal, by creating a Customized Market Bag.

I love that Apolis is creating a product that has a worldwide impact and a local impact. You can go to their site and make a bag with whatever saying you want! I've got some Denver pride, hence my bag. But you can have it say literally whatever you want.

Enjoy shopping friends! What are you going to put on your bag?

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