September 10, 2018

Happy Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend? Spoiler alert - we did not have a baby this weekend. But we watched college and NFL football (Go Broncos!), we slept in and I ate pancakes two days in a row. I'd call that a great weekend. But ya know what? I'm ready to stop thinking of every weekend as our last weekend to do something and instead our first weekend to do something with baby girl.

Sooo, if little miss baby girl would show up, it would make this week even sweeter.

Anyways, if you know me, you know I'm super sentimental about kind of random things.
  • I love the letter K, it started because of my first name and now because of my last name. 
  • I love things that represent Arizona, cacti, mountains, sunsets, anything with Arizona printed on it. 
  • I love a good quote, especially OTH. 
  • The TV show Friends is my comfort show and makes me feel closer to my gfs. 
  • I still have my baby blanket  - does this make me too sentimental? 
Anyways, you get the point. I love things that carry happy memories surrounding my friends and my family. So, when Mapiful reached out to me to design my own map of a special place, I knew what that special place was right away, Lone Tree, Colorado. The sweet little town we call home. The sweet little place we'll bring our daughter home too, watch her grow up and grow our family. Adam and I haven't lived here long, but already this town has had such a huge impact on our lives.

There were a lot of options to pick from and that's the cool part. You can pick a place anywhere in the world and then design the map the way you want it. Did you study abroad in Paris? Done. Are you from a small town in Nebraska? They got it. Love San Diego? This is your map. I love the sentiment of picking of place special to you. 
So what is Mapiful? The world is at your fingertips with Mapiful. They provide you with the tools to let you choose from any place in the world and design your own unique map poster. Explore, zoom, customize and order. VoilĂ , your place of birth, favorite neighborhood or just your happy place framed on your wall, in your home. 
Head over to the website and start designing your special place and while you're at it, tell me what place you picked and why. I love hearing peoples special places and stories.

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Happy Monday sweet friends, lets make this a great week.

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