Instagram Roundup

September 5, 2018

Hi Friends, happy Wednesday! How was your labor day weekend? Did you do anything fun? We kept it super low key. Dinners out, went to a few favorite breweries, slept in late and got all that last minute stuff prepped. 

I'm officially 39 weeks and to keep my mind off when this baby is going to make her appearance, let's talk clothes. You guys have been clicking through my Insta a ton lately, so I thought I'd make one post to make it easier to shop! 

But just in case you forgot, you can always down the app and get all the early access to everything I post on Insta!  Let's get shopping!

Disclaimer: Links in the post may be affiliate links meaning if you click them and purchase something it costs you nothing but I make a little percentage. Thanks for supporting brands that support EG.

I really loved this dress for our maternity shoot. 
It was the perfect combo of flattering (37 weeks peeps) and girly. 

This outfit gets me SO excited for fall! 

38 weeks and this is my favorite dress. Not quite sure how I lived without it. 
Shop it here
I really do love Sundays.

Almost as much as I love Chick-Fil-A

And wine. 

Hospital bags are ready, now if we could convince baby girl to be ready!

Favorite dress ever, favorite room in the house. 

Have the best week friends! 


  1. Everything is looking good. You look wonderful and nice you posted so we know how much time you have left to get ready for that sweet baby.

  2. Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Your round up is so cute. Your looking good girl!

  3. How wonderful! And you look adorable! I love the cranberry colored outfit on you!

  4. Your photos are so cute! Baby will be here before you know it!


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