March 14, 2019

A lot of people ask me why I started a podcast. How the heck would I have time to add one more thing to my life. Trust me, I got everything. I got the eye roll, the silence, the encouragement, the support, the suggestions & everything else.

About 6 months ago, right about the time Quinn was born, I was at a point in my life where I knew I wanted to do something. I wanted an outlet to talk about this new season of life I was in. I wanted something that made me jump out of bed in the morning excited. I wanted a challenge, something to embrace because I hoped to gain something from it.

Yes, I love my family, my work and my blog, and honestly, this isn't about any of those. I was looking for something else, something to challenge me, something different. I want Quinn to grow up one day and see that her mama did something to better herself. I want Quinn to see that not only did I work really hard, but I had fun doing it. I want her to be proud of me and I really hope she is.

One day, my best friends and I were in a group text chatting about things when a podcast came up. We were joking because I had someone comment on my insta-stories saying I had a voice for radio. Ha, I was laughing because it was on insta-stories and isn't the joke about radio that you don't have to be pretty? It was funny, but it also got me thinking! Maybe I should start a podcast, maybe this could be my new outlet.

Whitney and I started talking about it and we both realized we wanted to do this and so ya know what? We did. 6 months of planning and we are here. We did it! We started a podcast. I'm calling it my passion project, because that's exactly what it is. It's something that lights a little fire in me. I love chatting with our guests, planning content, and finding great guests! The whole process is so much work, but it is so rewarding.

This Girl Life Podcast is hosted by me (obvs) and my best friend Whitney Kleiner. We're best friends who understand the power of great friendships, good conversations and the realness of creating your best life.  

We have been best friends since high-school and have been through everything together. High-school, college, heartbreaks, weddings, babies and everything else. We were looking for a place friends could come together, find positivity, a little joy and a lot of laughs, hence the creation of This Girl Life.

Each week you can find us having real, raw and unfiltered conversations you would want to have with you best friend. It's everything you need to master this girl life. 

You can listen to us on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify! Check out our website. And, make sure to follow us on all our social media channels! 

Guys, we have some AMAZING guests coming your way. I wish I could spoiler alert you, but I want you to stay tuned. You're going to be obsessed with our next few guests.

Also, you can find everything TGL here on the TGL Tab. All our episodes, details, ect. Head to iTunes and SUBSCRIBE! Do ya girl a huge favor! I'll love ya forever.

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