Things that are more important.

October 12, 2015

First, I have to start by saying thank you. So many of you reached out on Friday to send your thoughts, your encouragement and some of the best were those of you who told me how my post and my experience encouraged you. When I first started this blog, my main goal was to create a space that inspired people. And the fact that some of you were encouraged by my words is just so wonderful. So, to those of you that reached out, those that read my words, thank you, you made me feel so loved.

The cool thing I've learned (since Friday) and just in life in general is that there are certain things that are so much more important than other things. Sure achieving goals and going after those goals are important, but theres so much other stuff thats more important.

Helene did a post like this a while back and it's so hilarious. While Helene is hilarious, I am not, but I loved the idea of her post. [shamless plug] if you're not reading Helene in Between, stop what you're doing and head over. Or maybe, finish reading this post and then head over.

These are 7 Things that are More Important:
  1. My niece turned three this weekend and all I know is that I really hope my next birthday is a cool as hers. Her birthday party was complete with a Little Tykes bounce houses, a Peppa Pig cake and lots of presents. It was pretty much the coolest birthday I've ever been too, plus for the coolest little 3-year old. 

  2. Amy Schumer was on SNL this weekend and pretty much killed it. I just love how unashamed she is and proud of who she is. Plus she is so dang funny and I think she'd be a great addition to my celeb BFF list. 
  3. Taylor Swift performed two nights in Omaha this past weekend and I was there with my 2 best girls. I know there are a lot of haters on Taylor Swift, but dang that girl knows how to put on a show. I'm not even ashamed that I spent the evening singing every lyric, dancing with my girls and totally fan-girling over Tay. More on my weekend recap, Thursday! 
  4. This video of these guys wearing high heels. Cracks me up. There is nothing better than watching grown men strut around in red patten leather heels. 
  5. McDonalds has breakfast all day. I know what you're thinking, don't you eat paleo? Um, yeah I do, but really is there anything better than McDonald's hash browns? I'm just saying if someone gave you a free McDonalds egg McMuffin, would you really turn it down?
  6. Snapchat is my new thing. Guys, I love it. Where else can you take selfies with mouse filters and post random videos. I love it. Oh, and you should follow me, it's fun. 

  7. This article from my blogfriend Amber over at Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds. I'm not a mom, but this post made my crack up. Saving this one for later when I think I can venture to Target with a kid :)
Happy Monday everyone! I hope you find joy in the small things and rejoice in those moments, because they're the good ones. What do you consider to be more important?


  1. This is such a great idea! One only needs to stop every once in a while and appreciate what they have (either significant or small). Thank you for sharing!

  2. So hilarious! It is true, sometimes we need to stop, regroup, take a step back and enjoy the more important things. Our goals are important but they're nothing without the special people and moments in our lives! I also read Helene's blog and she too makes me wonder and want to pursue more such as my blog, help others who are just starting to blog and just to continue inspiring others.

  3. this is awesome!! i should bring these posts back, they were so fun to do. and i had no idea that AMy schumer was on SNL!!! gotta watch that.


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