The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 10 - The Finale.

August 2, 2016

Here we go people, it's go time. After the long awaited season of watching JoJo say Ben's name 1000x it is finally time for her to pick her husband. I feel like I've been waiting for this moment forever. We are only 5 minutes into the episode and Chris Harrison is even mentioning Ben. Oh boy.

Based on the sounds of it, JoJo is going to say I love you twice, there will be a lot of tears, an appearance by Chad and the perfect amount of drama. Sounds like the perfect Monday night to me. Let's do this ladies. I hope you brought your wine with you.

Adam is in Breckenridge tonight with him family, which is semi-devastating for his lack of commentary. But, to hold you over, he calls JoJo's brothers, Hans & Franz. So, every time they talk I hope you laugh.I'm so glad we get to see JoJo's mom again, she is the best.

Let's get to Jordan's date. I'm going to be honest and upfront - I am rooting for Jordan. I think he is genuine, call me crazy, but I really like him.  Can we talk about how hot it must be there? They are all sweating profusely. Like go inside people. JORDAN. Why didn't you ask her dad? What were you thinking? PS, your arms are really tan. Good on ya. I think you win. She adores you.

Oh Robby. "Tell them how much I love their daughter, that's what matters right?" It's like he's trying to tell her he's a fraud. Like, of course I'm going to convince your family how much I love you so I can convince myself and win the show, I mean your heart, I mean the Bachelorette. Why is Robby's chest so red? That only happens when I'm having a nervous breakdown or I'm lying.

So it's clear that the Fletcher clan loves Robby. But come on, you know Hanz and Franz are hoping they will have season ticket rights for the rest of their lives. Wasn't Robby the one she couldn't trust because of the ex? But after one convo she's simply forgotten about that?

Obvs I'm team Jordan so I'm trying to be as non-bias as possible. But I get what he is saying. Asking a dad for a hand in marriage is huge! It's as if JoJo thinks this is just about her. Jordan wants to feel confident too and I'm assuming only asking a dad once. But he could ask, not knowing where JoJo stands and get dumped. I totally get it

Good job Jordan on asking her parents. And good job both of you for writing such sweet notes. I am so excited to find out! I am so very nervous. YES.

Ok I cannot lie, watching Robby (JoJo, all the second place people) say how much they love the host breaks my heart. It's unbearable to watch. I didn't like Robby this whole show, but holy smokes, watching his heart break is devastating.

Excuse me while I just bawl my eyes out. JORDAN. They are the cutest and are going to make the most beautiful babies.

The After the Finale Rose actually made me like Robby more. But I am loving some Jordan and JoJo action.

Let's go to Paradise now people. Thanks for reading along throughout this very long journey. See ya'll next season. Here's hoping they announce the Bachelor soon!

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  1. I totally liked Robby more on After the Final Rose too! Once he took away that intensity of wanting to move forward with JoJo he came across as fun and kind and sweet. Makes me wonder what version of him is the "real" him.

  2. I love reading people's BACH recap!!! So, I've never been a fan of JoJo! I just don't know I feel like she is whiney and fake. But totally gorgeous. I can't figure Jordan out. I hate that he has cast this shadow over us peeps in Wisconsin (we all are obsessed with ARod)

  3. I hope that they announce the next bachelor soon too! I'm still totally Team Luke, but I definitely think that JoJo will be happier with Jordan over Robby! I hope that they last!

  4. I couldn't even watch the last episode because I was so certain she was going to pick Jordan and I honestly wasn't a fan of either Robby nor Jordan and I just want Luke to be the next bachelor, darnit! But I'm glad you recapped so I at least know what happened :-) Let's just get on with Bachelor in Paradise, it's my favorite show on TV! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  5. Eeeek, I am glad she picked Jordan but I still wish she would've not let Luke go. Oh well. I am excited to see who the next Bachelor is.

    xoxo, Jenny

  6. I think I like your recounts of the bachelor better. Let me clear. I watch neither and rely on you for the updates. You do a tremendous job on both but bachelorette updates seem to lack the fervor with which you report Bachelor updates. I will stand by for next season! xoxo

  7. I had a feeling this entire season that she would pick Jordan. I think she will definitely be happiest with him! Enjoyed all your recaps!!

  8. I haven't watched a single episode of this show. However, I heard so many people upset she didn't pick Robby. haha. This is such a great recap. They are both beautiful people. :)

  9. I'm still not sure if her choice. But I do love that Mary Oliver quote! ;)


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