The Perfect Road Trip Playlist.

August 5, 2016

Adam and I love a good road-trip. Whether it be a weekend getaway to the mountains or a drive across Eastern Colorado to visit Omaha, we love road-trips and we take them often. We are currently planning a road-trip to Arizona for labor day to visit the fam. Oh, and my mother is making me pick up all my childhood belongings now that I have my own house. Goody.

Let me tell you, driving a U-Haul from Arizona to Denver is going to be a long drive, but man oh man, do I love a good road-trip.

The most important thing to have on a road-trip is a great playlist. This can be tricky when driving with your husband. Especially when said husband doesn't love blasting Carrie Underwood for 12 hours straight. Sometimes I think I will never understand men.

[short road-trip story] One time I was driving back to school in California from Arizona and Dreamgirls had just come out. I was obsessed with Beyonce. I could not stop listening to Listen. I legit, listened to listen (does that alliteration annoy anyone else? no? okay) anyways, I listened to Listen for 7 straight hours. I am not lying. Except to go to the bathroom, I never turned it off. By the time I got to Malibu, I had lost my voice, but man, my road-trip rocked. Now only if Adam would let me do that on our upcoming 12 hour road-trip.

Summer is almost over, but I assume most of you have one great last road-trip in ya. Well, if you do, you are in luck! I have the BEST playlist for you. I promise it will satisfy all passengers needs.
Let's do this.Things that are necessary for a road-trip playlist.
  1. A song to jam out to when you are getting tired.
  2. A song for when you want to cry.
  3. A song that everyone knows the words too. 
  4. A song that is just good driving music.
  5. A new jam that you love and by the time the road-trip is over you will be sick of. 
  6. An oldie. 
  7. A song for when you want to think about life.
  8. A song you can belt. 
  9. A song that will make you laugh. 
  10. A song you can listen to on repeat and not get sick of. 
  11. A sad song (yes I see this relates to #2, but car rides can be a good time for these kind of jams)
  12. A goodie. 
  13. One good rap song. 
So, while I love road-trips, the worst part of road-tripping is putting miles on your car. Wanna hear about something awesome? There is a company out there called Turo. Turo allows you to rent a car from random people and not some slimy rental car company. That's right. No charge for one piece of dirt on the floorboard. No more miles on your car! No more expensive rental car prices! And YOU can rent out your car if you'd like to make some extra money!

Happy Road-tripping friends! I hope the next time you hit the open road, you have a great playlist, a great road-trip buddy and maybe even a swanky new car!

What's on your playlist?

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  1. I definitely have a completely different taste in music than you, but all of your must-have types of songs are on POINT. Love this, Kristen!

  2. Love this list - have been listening to that Adele song on repeat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list! I'd love to take a road trip but don't really want the miles on my car - will need to check that compny out!

    xoxo, CiCi

  4. Great playlist .. I love cheap thrills ...

  5. Oh my gosh, so many of these are on my road trip lists too!

  6. Wow! I'm browsing away perusing your web journal from my lap! Simply needed to say I adore perusing your website and anticipate every one of your posts! Calgary travel agency


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