July Recap: A family reunion & a surprise birthday.

August 18, 2016

I've said it once and I'll say it again, July flew by. Even with 5 weeks, I found myself wishing it could be longer. We had so many awesome things happen in July and its time for a little recap. Plus, we're getting close to fall. I can feel the crisp air in the mornings so remembering those warm winter nights is just what I need right now.

Happy Thursday everyone, let's reminisce.
  • First of July: A little road trip to Omaha to visit family and a chance for me to visit my best B and her new baby, Elle. I am loving the fact that all my best friends are having babies. It's incredible. I spent the morning basking in new baby glow with Elle (B's babe) and Caroline (Lynds' babe). I told you babies are everywhere and I am loving every minute of the baby cuddles.
  • Middle of July: Baby showers, Denver blogger events and we had some great friends in town and we saw ADELE. If you saw my snapchat, you saw the glory that was Adele. (PS, dirty selfish plug -- follow me at kgrace01). I was crying the entire concert. I'm not sure if that was wine induced or the amazingness that is Adele, but it was hands-down the best concert I've ever seen. If you have a chance to see her, GO! 
  • (More) Middle of July: The Englert Family Reunion took place this year in Lake Tahoe. My family has been vacationing in Tahoe since I was a little girl. My parents still go every summer and we try to go whenever we can. This trip was imperative because my entire Englert fam (we missed you Dan and Carolyn!) were there. We even made shirts. My Englert family is so special to me. For living in Michigan they are at every event in Arizona and we get back to MI about once a year, so spending some extra time with them was amazing. 
  • End of July: I threw Adam and surprise 30th Birthday. It was one of the hardest things ever. Do you know how impossible it is to throw a surprise party when you share joint banking accounts? Cue the $100 withdraw at the grocery store and claiming you bought "great steaks" for dinner and hoping he buys it. Man oh man, it was so hard, but seeing his face made it all worth it. All of our family and friends were there. It was so cool to spend the evening with everyone, eating crawfish, drinking beer and celebrating Adam. 
 Mackenna // Courtney
Top: Free People (Similar here); Jeans: Madewell; Shoes: Madewell
 Oh Adele, I love you. 
 Such a fun weekend! 
Jumpsuit: Madewell (similar linked here)
 The birthday boy. 
Adam: Shirt: Ralph Lauren, Shorts: John Varvatos; Shoes: Sperrys
Me: Romper: Free People (similar linked here) Bracelets: David Yurman
 I love celebrating my friends and their new babies
Dress: Madewell; Watch: Michele; Bracelets: David Yurman
That is an epic family reunion. 

How was your July? Tell me about it!

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  1. Ooh, so smart to withdraw money at the grocery so he didn't know! I'm glad you were able to pull it off!

  2. How sweet to throw your hubby a surprise 30th birthday! That's such a great idea :) So glad you had a great July.

    xoxo, Jenny

  3. I bet the Adele concert was awesome! Also, I can imagine that was hard to pull off a surprise party, but so sweet of you and I'm sure he loved it!

  4. That's so awesome you threw your man a surprise bday party!! I can totally relate to the shared accounts being tricky - it's SO hard to surprise my hubby when we share credit cards, accounts, EVERYTHING. You look beautiful in every one of your photos!


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