My Napa Valley Packing List

May 18, 2017

This weekend I get to go to Calistoga to celebrate one of my best friends Callie. She is getting married this summer and what would a wedding be without one last sendoff, complete with wine and girlfriends. Next week I'll be sharing a how-where & what to do in Napa Valley post. You won't wanna miss it!

Calistoga is tucked into the base of Mount Saint Helena at the top of Napa Valley and it offers all the rustic charm of a 19th-century western town. We are staying at the Indian Springs Resort. Feel free to check it out here, I'll share more details next week. Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Insta Stories, you'll get a sneak peek! 

I've never been to Napa Valley before so I am thrilled. In my head, I expect Napa Valley to be rolling hills, stunning views, small town feel with grapes flooding the region. I imagine the sun always to be shining, the breeze to be cool and the sun hot. Have any of you been to Napa Valley before? Whats your favorite part?

The hardest part about packing for a place you've never been is the unknown. How many shoes do I bring, how many fancy dresses v. maxi dresses. Do I bring a jacket? Two? Heels or wedges. The packing battle can be hard. But don't you worry folks, I've got the tips and the perfect packing list for you.

THE NEW TRIP TIPS: Tips to packing for a place you've never been:

1. Start early: I'm one of those annoying people who starts packing days in advance. I start laying stuff out on our guest bed just so I can start mentally preparing for the trip.

2. Check the weather: You gotta make sure you don't bring sweaters when it's 90 and bikinis when it's snowing.

3. Scope out your location: If you know where you're going to dinner, scope out the scene and get a feel for where you're at. For example, Nobu in Las Vegas is going to be very different than the farm house in Napa. No-one wants to be in jeans when it should be fancy.

Luckily for us, Callie's sister had a great itinerary she emailed us ahead of time, so doing my research was easy peasy. The weather this weekend is going to be warm. High-80's during the day and mid-50's at night. We're doing a mix of yoga, hiking, wine tasting, lazy dinners in and nice dinners out.

THE PACKING LIST: Lets get to the fun part, the clothes.

1. A Tote & Airplane Necessities: This is imperative for airplane travel, (obvs) bringing gifts and carrying wine bottles. Make sure it's light so your arm and shoulders aren't killing you after 10 minutes. I'm going to be on a flight for 2 hours, so an iPad, blogging journal, great book & headphones are required. I always throw my glasses in my carry-on just in case I'm stuck somewhere.

2. Lululemon and some tennis shoes: Part of our itinerary includes yoga and Pilates. Comfy and cute workout clothes is a must. Plus, I love traveling in tennis shoes or at least comfy flats. If you've ever been to the Denver airport, you know it's three miles long. One time I made the mistake and wore wedges, I was in tears by the time I got to my terminal. It was not pretty.

3. Sundress with the cutest jacket. It's Napa! I can only imagine the darling pictures we're going to want to take. A bright sundress for those hot afternoons will be perfect. Plus, a jacket for when it's breezy. I really don't want to get sunburned! You all know how much I love the color black, but I feel like in Napa, black is a no-no. I'm focused on bright colors and floral patters.

4. Comfortable but cute: Sometimes a dress (even a sundress) can feel a little too much. My second outfit go-to for Napa is a great top, I am loving the off the shoulder trend right now. Plus, this way I can get a little sun on my shoulders! Top that off with light jeans and some great wedges. Also, a small crossbody bag. It's gotta be big enough for sunglasses, credit card, lip gloss and my phone. I'm obsessed with this Marfa bag from Madewell. It comes in tan and is my fav. 

5. Pajamas. This week I'll be bunking with about 10 girls, most of who I don't know. Probably not appropriate to show up in Adams old ripped t-shirt and boy shirts. Luckily Madewell saved my life and came out with sleepwear. Now I can look my age even when I'm sleeping. PS. Madewell's intimates are the PERFECT gift for a bride too - just sayin.

6. All the other goods: I am not a good light packer. I am notorious for bringing things that never leave the suitcase. But I hate getting to a location and wishing I would have brought one more jacket or shirt. These are all the last minute throw in items: swimsuit (I'm obsessed with this one piece!), a jean Jacket, cute tennis shoes, a pair of slides, that one t-shirt dress that you know goes with everything and a light cozy sweater.

Happy Thursday friends! I hope the rest of your week runs smoothly! I cannot wait to share my Napa trip with you next week! Make sure to follow along on Insta-Stories!

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  1. How fun! I'm so excited for you! I have been to San Francisco so many times but haven't gotten the chance to make it out to Napa yet. Looks like you're all set with your amazing packing list! I'm like you - I always overpack. Always good to have options right?! :)


  2. Girls' weekends in wine country are the best!! You will have a great time. I personally love Sonoma a lot more than Napa, but they're right next to each other, so it's easy to hop over to each one during a weekend. Love that Free People dress with pockets!

  3. Great suggestions! I used to live in San Francisco and we would head up to Napa for the weekend all the time. I always loved pairing a sundress with comfy sandals. You will most likely be walking on dirt through the vineyards at some point so you want a low heel. Check out my blog for my favorite Napa spots! :)

    Gennifer Rose |

  4. I feel like I need a trip to Napa in immediately! I am all about going for comfortable & cute. Hope you have a ton of fun! :]


  5. Heyy really nice lingerie collection as you can buy lingerie online too without hesitations


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