The perfect summer jacket.

May 17, 2017

Wanna know how I know my husband rocks? Last night when he walked in the house after work, he mentioned how much he liked my jacket and said you should put this on your blog. WinnerThen I proceeded to drag him out front to take photos, and this my friends is marriage. Oh what a sweet sweet marriage & an even better hubs.

This week has been long. The entire week I've felt a day off. I woke up yesterday thinking, hooray its Wednesday, only to be reminded by my calendar that it was in fact Tuesday. Isn't that the worst? Anyways, here we are, it's Wednesday, we are half way through the week and one step closer to the weekend.

My mother is currently on her way to Duluth, Minnesota for a funeral and she left Arizona yesterday at 12pm and still hasn't arrived. Unfortunately, United was the only airline semi-affordable and got her in on time. After some weather delayed their route, she slept in the Minneapolis airport last night and United did nothing to make them comfortable. She did get a $10 coupon for breakfast. How nice. She missed the funeral and is still trying to get to Duluth. Further proof that Southwest is the only good airline.

Just as happy as can be in my new bomber.

I'm pretty sure at this point, I was asking Adam if I should tuck my shirt in. 

This is not a good picture of me, let's be honest about that. But the back story of Adam helping me is hilar. I couldn't decide whether or not to tuck this damn shirt in. I struggle with high waisted-cropped jeans because I feel like if I don't tuck my shirt in it makes my legs look short but if I tuck it in I have a short waist. I love these jeans, I legit wear them every day. But the struggle is real folks. To tuck or un-tuck. 

He said I should tuck it in, done. 

Anywayyys, this weekend is one of my best friends bachelorette parties in Calistoga! I've never been to wine county before and am SO excited to spend the weekend sipping (chugging) wine with some of my best girls. We're gonna do yoga, hike, drink wine, visit the hot springs, have delicious meals and bond. Because isn't that what girls do best?

Next week on the blog, I'll have my full recap, the best places to stay, the best places to drink wine and of course, tons of pictures. Stay tuned, it will be a weekend recap you do not want to miss.

Today I am super pumped to share with you this jacket! It's my new favorite and you will probably see it on the blog and my Instagram a ton more this summer. What I'm learning about living in Colorado is the temperature in the morning is rarely the same as the temperature at night. I've grown used to carrying a jacket in my car at all times.

How do you show the back of a jacket and your face? It's the eternal blogger struggle. 

This is me looking at my jacket thinking how fly I look. Yeah, I said fly. 

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and I was standing in the elevator with two other ladies. One lady told me she loved my shoes and asked where I got them. I told her Macys and they were by Ivanka Trump.

She looked at me like I killed her fish. "I would never and will never buy anything she makes." I just stared at her shocked by such a drastic reaction at 9am. The other lady said, "Who cares about who makes them, I love them. I'm gonna buy a pair."

My thoughts - Okay, I get it, not everyone is a Trump suporter. But you asked me, and then got aggressive with me over shoes, at 9am, in a tiny elevator. Lady. Drink some tea and chilllll.

On to the jacket shall we? This jacket is perfect for our finicky temps. It's super light weight, is mostly black and is super comfortable. Not to brag, but I got like 15 compliments on it. It's an absolute must have for your summer wardrobe. I'm obsessed. They had another floral bomber and I should have bought it. Looks like I'm gonna have to hit up Target again tonight.

Did I mention it's at Target and only $29.99! Guys, this is a steal and a done deal.

Happy Wednesday friends! Tomorrow on the blog, I'm sharing my tips to packing for a place you've never been. How am I supposed to know what to bring to Calistoga? I'll share all my tips tomorrow!

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  1. Those shoes are so cute! LOL at the elevator incident. Some people are so dramatic.

  2. such a cute bomber!

  3. This jacket is so gorgeous on you! And I say tucked in looks better, but I think it's totally personal preference. So sweet of your husband to "volunteer" to take your photo! ;)

  4. Obsessed with this floral bomber!! It really is the perfect summer jacket!

  5. I love your jeacket. The flower prints is so in this season. It looks lovely. I love your pictures.
    XOXO //SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  6. Love that bomber! It looks like it would be the perfect weight for spring/summer!

  7. This bomber is so cute! Perfect for the Summer!


  8. This jacket is so, so fun! I can't believe that price--might just need to pick one up for myself!

    Molly //

  9. I love it when husbands make such sweet comments! Love the detailing on this!

    Amanda ||

  10. I just found a jacket really similar to this one and I think I need to buy it. The weather in Ohio can be so random and this would be so perfect for those weird temp days! You look super cute, by the way!


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