The Bachelorette: Season 21: And, we're back.

May 31, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone. How's your short week going? I don't know about you, but the week post holiday weekend is always the longest. I'm still basking in post-bachelorette party glow and cannot wait to share with you my how-to-Austin post! It's going to be amazing! I also have some fun giveaways and guest posts coming, don't miss out!

Back to the gist. I wasn't sure if I wanted to blog the Bachelorette this season. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Rachel and am thrilled she's the bachelorette, but I just didn't feel like blogging this season. I think its because I like her so much. I just wanted to watch it. However, some of  my fabulous blog readers reached out to me last week asking where my bachelorette post was. You, readers of #EG warm my heart and soul.

Last night when I was blogging this episode I got two Bachelorette questions. I'll try to answer these throughout the post, but I think on some, your guess is as good as mine.
  1. What is the matter with Coppers (Rachel's dog) leg? Peter asked this first thing and Rachel said she'd talk about it later. We're still figuring this out.
  2. Why does the Bachelor mansion look like it's falling apart? No clue. However, the Bachelor Enterprise started in 2002 and there have been 21 bachelor seasons and 13 bachelorette seasons so that may explain it. Maybe we should ask the people who live there real time
So, we are back. The Bachelorette is back and the #EG posts are back. Let's do it. this post is going to be a recap  and a minor cover of the boys thus far.
I'm still learning names, so hang on with me. It usually takes a few episodes.

We started Monday with a group date, duh. "I'm looking for a husband." Should we count how may times she says that this season? Oh, and real quick - what boys like champagne? This is an honest question. Adam would rather drink anything else and I mean anything and these boys are popping champs and making toasts like they're at a wedding.

Group Date 1: Rachel hosts a BBQ with football as their activity and she is playing barefoot in a sundress.... Ashton Kutcher and Mila? Is this real? How are they on this show? I'm obsessed with with them. I wish I was as famous as Mila that I could call the Bachelorette producers and ask to "help her find a husband." This is so (expletive) stupid. Poor Rachel looks so incredibly bored on this group date. Yikes.
  • Lucas/Whambam: He's immature and wants to be on TV
  • Iggy: Admitting that he poops every day and can handle baby poop. I like this one.
  • Blake: He has obviously never seen this show before. The more you talk shit about other contestants the less you connect with the lead.
  • Dean: He is darling. You can tell that Rachel has a little spark with him. First group date rose and first group kiss! Big things are happening for Dean.
  • Kenny: I liked listening to him. He seems very genuine and authentic.
  • Eric: From the previews, this guy is gonna make a lot of enemies and I already don't like him.
Back at the house: All these boys sit around the pool drinking champs and talking about the same girl. This has to be the most awkward situation ever. Plus, most guys have only said like 13 words to Rachel at this point and were picked because they didn't get too drunk the first night and they were cute.

For my Bachelorette fanatics, do you remember Wes? The singer from Nashville on Jillians season? Lee is going to be that guy this year. He's the womanizer that sings and is only here for publicity for his music career. But if Wes taught us anything, it's if Bachelor nation hates you, your career is dead before it started.

First One-on-One: First one-on-one with Peter. He is darling. I like him. Ya know when you just get a good vibe? Oh my gosh. Copper is so dang cute. If I was a Bachelorette, I would FOR SURE bring my animals. That's a huge test.

Peter and Rachel are so cute. They talk about animals, they dance with their animals and they are talking about the gaps in their teeth. I think they seem to get a long really well. I mean wouldn't we all if it was all romantic, paid for and you took private jets places. I love this and them.

Can we talk abut the relationship therapist? I didn't realize this was a thing, but apparently it is and allegedly really helped both Rachel and Peter. If I know one thing about Rachel its that she loves to kiss these boys.

Group Date 2: Swish. Whoever said at the beginning of the date, "A little love and basketball" would immediately get the rose on my date.

Kareem is the cutest, but doesn't he look so old! I wish stars could stay young forever. I wonder what high school are they at and who made all these Bachelor Nation posters? And, I wanna know who actually came to watch this game. Do you think they got paid? Do you think they knew what they were going too?

Let's get to the girlfriend. How shocked are we really that DeMario has a girlfriend? Oh, not at all? Me neither. This whole thing is nuts,DeMario seems nuts, that girl seems nuts and Rachel is a bad-ass for holding her ground. I cannot imagine the guys in the locker room. They're probably waiting for hours while the producers get their shots being like WTF, let me shower and eat dinner.
  • DeMario: He seems to have a lot of unwarranted arrogance.
  • Lee: Even though he sucks at basketball was a pretty good spot.
Rose Ceremony: Lets do this. Rachel is killing the dress game so far this season. She looks like a queen. Can you imagine the amount of security the Bachelor mansion has? Not only does everyone know where its located (Malibu) but I bet they are constantly trying to sneak on.
  • Bryan, she obviously has some passion with him, and hes so cute, but a massage in a gown? No thanks. 
What are your thoughts on them pushing the Rose Ceremony to the beginning of every episode? I personally hate it. I like the closure at the end of each episode. So, if you don't know, now you know, there will be no rose ceremony this week We'll talk about my front runners next week. Stay tuned! 

Also, what do you think DeMario says to Rachel? Does she take him back? Ah. The anticipation is killing me. 

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  1. I know, I want to know what happened to Copper!!

  2. I have to catch up! I only got through half of episode one, but it looks like she has some decent choices! You know that can change!

  3. OMG my eyes were glued to the TV I can't believe the deMario tried to play Rachel! I can't wait to see what he has to say and I think copper got into an accident!

  4. Ahh I am missing so much I got rid of my cable so I don't get to watch this anymore. I will be following your page for updates. Thanks for sharing!
    Julie *

  5. I finally got on board and watched last season of The Bachelor and loved Rachel! Definitely made me want to watch this season, although the Whabam guy... just... no. Ugh!

  6. I'm not a fan of them pushing the rose ceremony. I like the closure as well.

  7. I am obsessed with Rachel! SO glad she is this seasons bachelorette

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