7 Ways Quitting Drinking Makes You a More Present Mother

August 10, 2018

In light of motherhood and everything that goes with it, today's post is a guest post about things you can do to be a more present mom. We could all use a good reminder once in a while. 

When you are a mom, it is important to find better ways to parent your child, and avoiding alcoholic beverages is an important way to make you more aware about your child’s emotional, physical and mental needs. Here are some of the ways that not drinking can make you more present for your children. 
1. You Are More Aware of Time // If you are drinking alcohol, then it can interfere with your awareness of time. You may forget to take your children to school or special activities, making them feel resentful because you were too confused about the time. When you stop drinking, you will maintain a regular daily schedule to avoid forgetting important appointments. You are also teaching your children about the importance of time management. 
2. You’ll Keep a Cleaner Home //While cleaning house isn't an enjoyable activity for many parents, it is a necessity in order to maintain a certain level of hygiene. If you are drinking wine or beer several times a day, then you may ignore certain types of cleaning, leading to piles of dishes in the sink or having your children wear smelly clothing. When you are numbing your feelings with excessive alcohol consumption, your home can become dirty quickly, leading to additional emotional isolation from your children. 
3. You’ll Get Better Sleep and Have More Energy // When you drink alcohol, it can disrupt your circadian rhythms, making it difficult to sleep at night. You may develop insomnia, and this can lead to changes in your alertness. If you are tired, then you aren't alert enough to notice your children's needs. In addition, while you are sleeping, your body's glands release hormones that are designed for boosting your mood along with repairing your immune system. 
4. You’ll Be More Social // Despite being a mother who stays home with her children, you need to socialize with your peers to have better emotional health. However, if you reach for a glass of wine while your toddler is napping, then you probably won't take the time to talk to a friend on your smartphone or in person. Socializing isn't a waste of time because it helps you to have a healthier mind that is more present for your children. 
5. You’ll Be More Alert // If you are drinking alcohol, then it reduces your reaction time to potential dangers. While you already know that you shouldn't drive a vehicle after drinking, there are also other things that you shouldn't do. You might enjoy taking your toddler on a bicycle ride around the local park, but if you have been drinking, then you are more likely to lose your balance. There are also dangers from walking outside with your infant in a stroller because you may not notice a vehicle while crossing the street. 
6. You’ll Be a Better Role Model and Able to Provide More Discipline // When you drink a glass of wine to cope with a misbehaving child, you aren't helping your son or daughter to act in the appropriate manner. Disciplining your children is hard work because it requires thinking about a child's particular personality. Rather than punitive punishments for misbehaving, you will want to take the time to learn more appropriate discipline methods such as timeouts in a chair in the corner of the room or charts for stickers when a child behaves correctly. 
7. You’ll Stop Wasting Time // If you are getting inebriated from drinking frequently, then you may waste a lot of time. You might feel too tipsy to spend time with your children, and in only a few weeks, you will miss a child's important milestone such as watching your son learn how to walk. However, when you are sober, you will realize how much time was wasted buying alcohol and drinking too much so that you could numb your feelings.  
Quitting drinking may mean professional alcohol addiction treatment or recovery meetings. When you stop drinking alcohol, it can feel difficult for the first few days or weeks, but within a month or two, you will stop having constant cravings for liquor. Rather than shutting out the world with alcohol, you will have additional mental clarity, especially for your children, helping you to become a better role model.

Happy Friday friends! Cheers to us all being great moms and doing the very best we can. 

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