Things that are more important

August 15, 2018

Oh hey Wednesday! How the heck are ya? We're halfway through the week and I'm already dreaming of the weekend! We're enjoying our last few weekends just the two of us. Going out to dinners, brunches, wandering bookstores and enjoying our time together. It's crazy that everything is about to change, so we're enjoying our current normal while we have the time.

Truth be told, life gets busy. And in the midst of that constant busyness it's easy to get caught in the mundane and forget to look at the good stuff, the more important stuff. Some of this stuff is actually important and some is just so dang good.

ONE // I posted this on my Insta-stories a while back. I'm super lucky to have amazing mama mentors in my life. In the midst of figuring out what I'm going to do with this baby and how I'm going to do it, I lost track of the fact that He already knows how this will all play out. Leaning into Him a little tighter as we get closer to our due date.

TWO //  Never look at Nordstrom Baby when you're on a spending freeze because you'll find all the things you shouldn't buy.

THREE // Younger finally gave me everything I needed. I've told you once and twice and three times but this show is so dang good. Stop everything and binge watch this show. Trust me people. Then, when you're done binge watching, let me know if you're #TeamCharles or #TeamJosh.

FOUR // I Think You can, I Think You Can. My gf Chelsea wrote this blog post and I love it. She's inspiration when I need it the most and encouragement when you're feeling down. Stop what you're doing and read it. You'll love it, plus its short. And while you're at it, tell your girlfriends how awesome they are. Supporting other girls is always cool.

FIVE // Bachelor in Paradise is back and honestly I'm much more excited about this show than I was Becca's season of the Bachelor. I totally dig the drama on this show. It's so ridiculous it's good. But, can we talk about Tia and Colton. I mean she says his name 100x within 2 hours, goes on dates with other guys and then kisses him. This is the kind of drama I live for peeps.

SIX // These grandparents kicking butt being grandparents and these kids who I can only hope influence my daughter. Read the post here.

SEVEN // Carrie Underwood is pregnant and she announced her tour. Talk about best day of my life. And she's not coming to Denver until next September meaning I'll have a ONE-YEAR old, meaning I can go. God Bless us all and Carrie Underwood.

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you find joy in the small things and rejoice in those moments, because they're the good ones. What do you consider to be more important?

Let's make the rest of this week the best.

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  1. Life-giving girl friends are THE BEST! I can't believe you are already getting towards the end of your pregnancy!! I'm sooo excited for you!

  2. #TeamJosh always!!! Ok, well maybe not always- so torn.

  3. Oh my goodness. I tested up reading your excerpt from your stories. It is SO TRUE. Wait until Christmas. You’ll be bawling every time you think of Mary holding her baby, us knowing what her future holds. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing this uplifting post!

  4. What lovely things! I did not know that Carrie Underwood is touring again!!! yeah!!!

  5. Really?? How have I never read your blog before!? I think we are besties! Younger: #teamcharles. Although I love Josh too. SOOO HARD!! Carrie Underwood? oh dear lord! She is coming here in October. LOVE her. And her legs??? COME ON! We are #daveramsey baby steppin so don't have cable. I wonder if I can get bachelor on Hulu... hmmmm... (adding you to my Feedly!)


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