Five Things

August 23, 2018

You know those moments in your life where you know your life is about to change but you're not sure when or to what extreme? That's where I'm sitting as I await this baby girl. We're 19 days from due date and I feel like I'm sitting on the brink of everything. 

It's this feeling of not knowing what to expect, dying to know what's next and learning to sit still while you wait for the best surprise ever. I've said it before, but learning to live my life in seasons is so incredibly helpful in a time like this. I'm currently in the anxious waiting season knowing that at any moment, I'll be in the newborn season. It's exciting, it's nerve-wrecking, but it's so incredibly amazing. 

I'm slowing life down and bringing to back to the things I do know. 5 things. My very important 5 things. 

my smokin' hot hubs and baby daddy.
my babies before my other baby comes.
my best friends.
a little about me. 
my favorite announcement. 

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  1. This is a cute and a great reminder to remember what is important. Also, your fur babies are ridiculously adorable. Also again, my dog's name is Lola!! <3

  2. Your baby is coming soon, so exciting! Congratulations. Thank you for reminding me to stick to life's simple little things!

  3. I love this! Also your announcement was so pretty!

  4. The expression on your fur babies faces is priceless. It's like we know something is about to change and we're not to sure about it.

  5. Congratulations! Your dogs are too cute! I love making and reading lists. Going to write my own now. :)

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