This is 31 and Pregnant.

August 1, 2018

Happy August! AUGUST! That means baby is here NEXT month. Whew, excuse my mini-freak out. Life is moving quick! I was talking to my gf the other day and we were talking about the realities of being thirty-one. Ya know those realities of taxes and mortgage payments? But also the ones of freedom and eating pizza at 2 am if you really want.

My 30th birthday was a little over a year ago, I wasn't pregnant, we were planning baby-less vacations, traveling to friends wedding and living the life as single, married adults.

We literally starting talking about all those things and dying laughing. The idea that a baby is coming into my life is not lost on me and the fact that my life is about to change even more is a tad terrifying. 31 + a baby and let's be real, life is about to get all kinds of real. But its also about to get so much better.

There are some things that just come with the territory of being in your 30's. Things that regardless of how hard you fight them, happen. But if I've learned anything, the things that hit you in your 30s are even better than the things that hit you in your 20s. This is 31.
  • Taxes are inevitable and they suck. The more money you make, the more they take, kids don't really save you money and owning a home is more expensive than the tax writeoff. 
  • Going to bed at 9pm no longer means you have no plans, it means you value good sleep.
  • Eating past 8pm means indigestion.
  • Dark dirty bars with luke warm domestic beer is for the birds and the 20-something year olds.
  • Shots will actually kill you and hangovers will last 3 days.
  • Being 30 means you're never drunk enough to crash at someones house. Regardless of the Uber surge you are making it home to your bed. 
  • This may separate me from my peers, but I love talking on the phone over texting. I still hate voicemails.
  • Tequila shots are for youngins and crazy people. 
  • New air conditioners getting installed are the most exciting part of your week. 
  • Working out is mandatory because metabolisms fade and so do waistlines.
  • Being in your 30 breeds a sense of confidence I could never quite grasp in my 20s. 
  • Coloring your hair is required to cover grey, not to find new shades.
  • Boobs are for nursing babies.
  • Leggings are pants.
  • Being 30 means you hesitate to saying yes to weekend plans because you already planned to have no plans. 
  • You actually don't care about what other people think about you. 
  • The TV show Friends doesn't seem as outdated to you like it does to kids born in 2000.
  • My preferred bedtime has regressed to the same time that is recommended for my newborn.
  • The "real" adults at work no longer laugh when they hear your age. 
  • Comfortable shoes are so much more practical than heels. 
  • Waddling isn't just for ducks, it's for pregnancy.
  • Being 30 means spending more money on your house than on yourself.
  • You find yourself asking your husband, does this dress make me look like I'm trying too hard. Aka when I'm trying to wear a dress from a bachelorette party that was 10 years ago.
  • You find yourself saying, "when I was your age..." or things like "when I was in highschool..." or "do you know this tv show?"
  • You're past the age of bribing friends with pizza and beer to help you move. Being 30 means you pay movers so you don't have to do anything but pack and unpack.
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  1. Yes to going to bed early! I need my sleep!

  2. This going to my 31 year old daughter who is pregnant!

  3. Lol - I'm older than you and I only text. I seriously look at me phone in shock when it rings. And I never answer because I assume it's a telemarketer. But sounds like this will be an exciting time, so congrats!

  4. I was just texting with my friend complaining about my sudden lactose intolerance and how much I hate getting older. It's like your body decides to enact revenge for all the things you put it through when you were at kid up through your 20s.

  5. I'll be 33 + 33 weeks next month! Kids are a trip and honestly, I am so grateful that I waited until my 30's before I started a family. I've learned so much and let go of so much drama in the past few years - my 30's have been great to me. Here's to a Happy & Healthy Delivery! (But not too soon, of course)

  6. So much truth to this post! Haha. I'll be 32 in September, and daughter will be 3. There are so many differences than in my 20's...I used to work 18 hour days no sweat! Yikes. Anyway, just like long work days, I'll warn you that there is a reason women used to have kids in their early 20's...I had no idea what being exhausted was until I had her. BUT, girl it's so fun, seriously. This last month might be grueling, but it's so worth it. <3


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen