Episode 16 : Dos Gardenias High-End Swimwear // Founders Brighdie Grounds and Dorothy Day

May 28, 2019

On this episode we sit down with Brighdie Grounds and Dorothy Day, co-creators and founders of Dos Gardenias. This forward thinking  swimwear brand seeks to shine a light on ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry. Brighdie Grounds and Dorothy Day are a force in the industry working to empower women and create awareness of our imprint on the world through knowledge, action, and philanthropy. We  chat about what swim style flatters what body type, being a leader in sustainable fashion, their philanthropic efforts and what's in store for DG's future.

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You'll hear the answers to these questions (&more) on this weeks podcast:
  1. Tell us about Dos Gardenias and how you got started
  2. Where did the name and inspiration for Dos Gardenias come from?
  3. What’s unique about your brand is the monochromatic but still super vibrant color palette that flatters all figures. You obviously know swimwear well, can you share what style of suit often look best on particular body styles?
  4. Tell us about your 2020 campaign where you plan to launch your first luxury sustainable collection.
  5. You have a lot of amazing stuff coming up! You’re an official partner of Earth Day founders and network- how did this happen?
  6. Sustainable fashion is become a very hot topic lately. The topic of fast fashion and the waste it’s creating has been in the news lately. Can you talk about this and the impact you’re hoping to have on this?
  7. If you could each pick a favorite piece from the line what would it be?
  8. We love a good swimsuit but we love companies with a brand mission likes yours… to support philanthropic efforts. Tells us about some of the charities you support?
  9. What are the future goals of Dos Gardenias?
  10. We ask all our guests what is the best piece of advice a best friend has ever given you?
  11. What can our listeners expect to see from you this year?
  12. Where can our listeners find you? Tell us all the details?
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