Episode 13: Kristen and Whitney // What They Don't Tell You about The World of Postpartum, Anxiety and Motherhood

May 7, 2019

This Girl Life Podcast
On this episode Kristen and Whitney chat about life after having a baby. They chatted with Dr. Cassidy of the Holding Space podcast prior to the episode and learned "4 Things No One Tells You That Will Happen During Postpartum."

They are breaking down the truth about what comes after birth. Head to our Instagram to enter the MAMA giveaway, winner will be announced on next week's episode.

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Listen to the Postpartum podcast here:

On this episode, you can hear all about life post baby, tips for your 4th trimesters, and some other mama saving tips.
 4 Things no-one tells you about life post baby:

  1. Having a baby is hard on a partnership or marriage. 
  2.  Speaking of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, it’s not just women who can experience them! 
  3.  One thing that people don’t often tell you, is that if you are struggling, you are not alone...help is available, and you WILL get better if you reach out to the right supports. 
  4.  Becoming a parent will bring up old “stuff.” 

Now time for "The other crap they kind of tell you but you just don’t think it will affect you in the fourth trimester” or the easier version --> TGL TIPS for your 4th trimester:

  1. Stay off IG- you’ll start the comparison game. 
  2. OH my body-Show yourself grace. 
  3. Talk to someone. 
  4.  Find something for you.  
Dr. Christine Sterling also gave us 7 things she wasn’t prepared for after having a baby. It’s a very powerful article filled with real talk and resources. You can find it here. Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Sterling are also doing a postpartum prep e-course this year. To stay in the loop you can subscribe here or on Dr. Cassidy's website.

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