My Everyday Skincare Routine

May 3, 2019

Hi friends, we made it! Happy Friday! 

I am so excited to share my skincare routine with you. My skincare routine is fairly simple, but has changed so much since I became a mama. Honestly, I'm not a very high maintenance person when it comes to my skincare. I don't have a ton of time to put on a 10000 items, but I know that I want fresh, glowy skin.

Now, side-note -- before we get started, I have to warn you. I'm in the process of transitioning my skincare and makeup to clean beauty products. So, yes, this is what I am currently using and have been for about the last year, but its all gonna change soon! Stay tuned for that post, I'm super excited to share with you what I've learned.

Okay, back to skincare. I changed up my skincare routine right before I got pregnant with Quinn. I remember calling my best friend Coti and begging for tips because my skin felt dull. Now, Cotihas the prettiest skin ever so I knew I could trust her recommendations. She immediately sent me everything she uses and I was off to Sephora (& Amazon!).

Also, I have no real idea what order I'm supposed to put this stuff on in, so take this all with a teeny grain of salt.

Ps. there are affiliate links in here, meaning if you buy, I receive a small commission. 


Face wash: This rec is per my bff. I was using a crappy face-wash before and I just felt like it wasn't doing its job. I used to use Proactive but it just became too harsh. Welcome Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. I feel like my skin is so clean after I use it, but not dried out or rough.

Toner: I love toner. I've used some version of it since I was a prepubescent girl. I've tried them all, but Thayer's Witch Hazel is my go-to. It's not too harsh, but for someone who loves toner, this is a perfect mix.

Moisturizer: Back again with the Fresh product, I love this moisturizer. This Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer is the best. Its not too light but also keeps me moist in the winter. It feels great and I love the way it smells.

Eye cream: Don't yell at me but I never really believed in eye cream until I had Quinn. I never really had bags ect until I was a sleep deprived mama and this Farmacy Dew it All eye cream has saved me. PS! This is a clean beauty product! Score.

Sunscreen: I don't use sunscreen on my face every day. Now, if I know I'm going to be outside, of course I wear it. But honestly, I spend the majority of my day inside in my office. And, it's semi heavy! But, when I wear face sunscreen, I love my Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum.


My nighttime skin care routine doesn't differ that much, but just enough that I've noticed a great difference in my skin.

Face wash: Same face wash because I love it. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser.

Toner: Again, same toner. Thayer's Witch Hazel

Moisturizer: Sensing a trend? Same moisturizer --> Rose Deep Hydration Moisturizer is the best.

Eye cream: I get a little crazy here. Because it's night and I want a littler more moisture, I use Dr. Brandt needles no more® NO MORE BAGGAGE™ eye de-puffing gel. This eye cream is definitely a little thicker, but since its nighttime, I actually prefer it.

A little boost: I needed a little moisture boost and this again is my from bff. Hyaluronic Acid has become my new bff (sorry Coti, but you're the one who showed it to me!) :) I buy this on Amazon and I use maybe 2-3 times a week. This stuff is my skin saver.

Zit Cream: Yes, I'm 31 and still get zits and yes, I swear by this stuff. Mario Badescu
Drying Lotion is a life saver and it's super glam.

Hum Nutrition Skin Heroes Pre+Probiotic: This is taking of my skin from the inside out. These pre-probiotics nurture the gut and skin. They are created for problematic skin (hello post-partum). They support skin hydration, balances the gut microbiome and are for acne prone skin (non-cystic). Sign me up.

What are your must have skin care products? Share yours below!
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