Quinn Grace: 8 months.

May 13, 2019

Quinn is eight months old! It's so hard to believe that our sweet little babe, who to me, seems like she was just born yesterday, is already 8 months old. She seems so grown up. She's sitting up, eating real food, "talking" back to us, and interacting so much.

I haven't done monthly updates on the blog, which looking back, I so wish I had! But it's never too late. Cheers to my 8-month old babe.

Size: We don't have an 8 month checkup, but I going to assume she is around 20 pounds. At her 6 month, she was 18 pounds and since then, she's been eating real food. So let's just guess, 20 pounds. She is wearing 9 month clothes and is almost outgrowing those!

  • Sweet potato, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken, peanut butter, salmon, squash, mac and cheese, blueberries, and puffs. (And pretty much any other food)
  • Lola and Henry
  • Playing the "AH" game with Dada. He says AH and she yells it back. They go back and forth playing this game forever
  • Napping - gf loves a good morning nap
  • Sitting at restaurants in the high chair 
  • Waiving at everyone
  • Saying mama and dada
  • Any and all music
  • Her play piano
  • The bath
  • Her bouncer and her Joovy Spoon walker 
  • Her stuffed animals, Roger the rabbit, Betty the bunny, and Mr. Bear
  • Every single book, but especially the touch and feel books. (Never Touch a Shark

  • Ground beef 
  • Strawberries
  • Poopy diapers
  • Sunglasses
  • Said mama! 
  • We had a mama and daughter's day out at Nordstrom Cafe. 
  • Backyard picnic (loved having her feet in the grass)
  • Our first roadtrip is this weekend! 
  • First time having the flu :(
  • First mothers day! 

Current Routine & Sleep: 
  • 7am: Up and nurse
  • 745am: Breakfast and play
  • 9am: Nap
  • 11am: Nurse
  • 12pm: Lunch and play!
  • 2pm: Nap
  • 3pm: Nurse
  • 400pm: Snack
  • 5pm: Mini-nap
  • 6pm: Dinner
  • 7pm: Bath, nurse and bed
Things to Remember:
  • First time she said mama
  • Her big smile whenever Adam comes home from work 
  • How she loves to eat so much and kicks her feet while doing so
  • How she laughs so hard when you tickle her tummy
  • How she snores when she naps
  • Her little wave and how she genuinely is so happy to see anyone and everyone
  • How she smacks her lips when she eats 
  • Her chubby hands
  • How she can almost say bye bye - bah bah
  • My first mothers day and how she took a nap on me
  • How when I pick her up from daycare, she smiles ear to ear and waives at me
I honestly feel so emotional when I think about Quinn and how sweet, loving and absolutely wonderful she is. I am feeling so incredible grateful that I am blessed to be her mama. Here's to 8 months little Q.

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